Medals of Asia


  1. Marshal Badge and Sword
  2. Aide-de-camp to the Emperor (Chamberlain) Badge
  3. Commander Badges
  4. Army Proficiency Badges
    1. Army Marksmanship Badge
    2. Light Machine Gun Marksmanship Badge
    3. Heavy Machine Gun Marksmanship Badge
    4. Tank/Armored Car Driver Badge
    5. Tank/Armored Car Shooting Badge
  5. Army War College Graduation Badges
  6. NCO Diligent Service Badge
  7. Bukosho/Military Merit Badge
  8. Army Award and Commemorative Badges and Watch Fobs
  9. Navy Award and Commemorative Badges and Watch Fobs
  10. Kenpeitai Badges, Insignia and Armbands
  11. Naval Academy Graduation Badges
  12. Army Schools Graduation Watch Fobs
  13. Aviation Schools Graduation Watch Fobs
  14. Navy Schools Graduation Watch Fobs
  15. Army Pilot Badges
  16. Air Force Units Badges and Watch Fobs
  17. Navy Proficiency Badges
    1. Japanese Submariner Badge
  18. Navy Award and Commemorative Watch Fobs
  19. Japanese Occupation of Philippines Badges
  20. Japanese Occupation of Malaya Badges
  21. Army and Naval Technology Merit Badges
  22. Military Affairs Merit Badges from Army and Navy
  23. Ministries of Army and Navy Youth Training Badges
  24. Imperial/Greater Japan Aviation Association Badges
  25. Women/Youth/Boys Japan Aviation Association Badges
  26. Imperial Soldiers' Relief Association Badges
  27. Army Battle Flags Support Associations Badges
  28. Promotion of Jukendo Association Badges
  29. Imperial Japan Military Dog Association Badges
  30. Japan National Defense Ski Badges
  31. Japanese Red Cross Society Badges and Watch Fobs
  32. Earthquake Relief Commemorative Badges
  33. Ministry of Health and Welfare Badges
  34. Wound Badges
  35. KIA Bereaved Family Badges
  36. Conscription Insurance Badges
  37. Soldier's Family Badges and Door Plaques
  38. Three Heroic Human Bullets Badges
  39. Ministry of the Imperial Household Badges
  40. Staff Badges of Enthronment and Funeral Ceremonies
  41. Enthronements/Weddings/Birth of the Heir Badges
  42. Army Maneuvers Badges
  43. Navy Maneuvers Badges
  44. Naval Arsenals and Factories Badges
  45. Keibodan /Civil Defense Corps/ Badges
  46. Prefecturial National Defense Association Badges
  47. Russo-Japanese War Commemorative Badges
  48. Battleship Mikasa Preservation Society Badges
  49. Siege of Tsingtao Commemorative Badges and Jettons
  50. Siberian Expedition of 1918–1922
  51. WW1 Commemorative Badges and Watch Fobs
  52. Army and Civilian Equestrian Badges
  53. Air Defense Maneuvers Badges
  54. Independent Garrison Units Badges and Jetons
  55. Great Japan Air Defense Association Badges
  56. Imperial Military Reservist Association Badges
  57. Greater Japan Women's Patriotic Association
  58. Greater Japan National Defense Women's Association
  59. Imperial Rule Assistance Association Badges
  60. National Spiritual Mobilization Movement Badges
  61. Shooting Badges and Watch Fobs
  62. "Civil Golden Kites" Badges
  63. Greater Japan Industrial Patriotic Association
  64. 1908 Great White Fleet Visit to Japan
  65. 2600th Anniversary of the Japanese Empire Badges
  66. Japan Marine Rescue Association Badges and Medals
  67. Imperial Marine Association Badges
  68. Navy League Badges
  69. Japan Seafarers Relief Association Badges
  70. Accidents at Sea Symposium Badges
  71. Police Badges and Watch Fobs
  72. Japan Self-Defense Forces Badges and Watch Fobs
  73. Ministry of Education Badges
  74. Youth League /Seinen-dan/ Badges
  75. Physical Fitness Badges
  76. Friends of the Military Association Badges
  77. Formosa/Taiwan (1895-1945) Badges and Watch Fobs
  78. Chōsen/Korea (1910-1945) Badges and Watch Fobs
  79. Census Badges
  80. Badges of Prefectures, Cities and Villages
  81. Badges, Table Medals and Watch Fobs of Expositions
  82. Monopoly Bureau Badges
  83. Ministry of Communications/Post Office Badges
  84. Fire Brigade Badges
  85. Railway Badges
  86. Transport Badges
  87. Green Cross /Traffic Safety/ Badges
  88. Forestry Badges
  89. School and University Badges
  90. Sport Badges
  91. 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games Badges and Medals
  92. Scout Association of Japan Badges
  93. Butoku Kai and other Martial Arts Associations
  94. Kangeiko /Winter Training/ Badges and Watch Fobs
  95. Budo /Matrial Arts/ Badges and Watch Fobs
  96. Kendo Badges and Watch Fobs
  97. Judo Badges and Watch Fobs
  98. Sumo Badges and Watch Fobs
  99. Kyudo Badges and Watch Fobs
  100. National Sports Festival of Japan Badges
  101. Hunting Badges
  102. Badges of Newspapers and Publishing Houses
  103. Saiseikai Imperial Gift Foundation Badges
  104. Badges of Shrines and Religious Organizations
  105. Badges of Meiji Jingu Service Association
  106. Axis Badges