japanese puppet state medal

  1. 1916 Taiwan Industry Promotion Exhibition Medals/台湾勧業共進会牌

    Some two decades after Japan took control of Taiwan, it held a Taiwan Industrial Exhibition from April 10 to May 15, 1916 to show off the results of twenty years of colonial rule in Taiwan. It also enabled them to sell commercial and agricultural products from Taiwan (as well as from Japan and...
  2. Imperial Citizens Serving the Public Association Promoter's Badge/皇民奉公会推進員徽章

    Size 34 x 23 mm. Weight 9.8 g. Specimen from the collection of National Museum of Taiwan History. Obverse 皇民奉公 - Imperial Citizens Serving the Public 推進員 - Promoter's Badge reverse 皇民奉公會 - Kōmin Hōkōkai /Taiwanese branch of Imperial Rule Assistance Association /...
  3. 1942 Jingxing Province Commemorative Medal for Strengthening Public Security/民国三十一年河北省井陘縣治安強化記念章

    Size 32 mm. Obverse 記念 - Commemorative reverse 治安強化記念章 - Commemorative Medal for Strengthening Public Security 民国三十一年 - Thirty-one Years of the Republic of China = 1942 河北省井陘縣 - Jingxing Prefecture, Hebei Province
  4. 1943 Second National Military Conference Commemorative Medal/中華民國三十二年二月第二次全國軍事會議參戰記念章 

    Medal bar 參戰記念 - Participation in the War Commemorative Reverse 中華民國三十二年 - 32 Years of the Republic of China = 1943 二月第二次全國 - February 2nd National 軍事會議 - Military Conference 興復中華 - Asia Development /Asia Rising; Asia Revival/ 保衛東亞 - Defending East Asia
  5. Taiwan Exposition In Commemoration of the First Forty Years of Japanese Rule Watch Fobs and Medals/1935年始政四十周年臺湾記念博覧章

    Diameter 24.23 mm. Height 37 mm. Weight 10.7 g. Obverse 博協 - 博覧會協賛會 - Expo Sponsors Association reverse 會員章 - Membership Badge 始政四十周年記念臺湾博覧會協賛會 - 40th Anniversary of Governance Commemorative Taiwan Expo Sponsorship Association 皇紀二千五百九十五年 - 1935
  6. 1936 Industrial Road Completion Security Commemorative Merit Medal/康德三年十月警備産業道路完成紀念功勞章

    Obverse 功 - Merit reverse 警備産業道路完成紀念 - Security of Industrial Road Completion Commemorative 功勞章 - Merit Medal 康德三年十月 - October 1936 濱江省望奎縣 - Binjiang Province, Wangkui County
  7. 1937 Merit Medal from the Chairman of the Andong Province Reconstruction Committee/康德四年十二月安東省復興委員會委員長安東省復興工作功勞賞章

    Obverse 功 - Merit reverse 安東省復興委員會委員長 - Chairman of the Andong Province Reconstruction Committee 安東省復興工作功勞賞 - Andong Province Reconstruction Work Merit Award 康德四年 十二月 - December 1937
  8. Restoration of Public Order in the Suburbs of the Capital of Zhejiang Province Commemorative Medal/整理浙江省會郊治區治安紀念章 浙江省政府主席傅式說贈

    Close-ups. Obverse 整理浙江省會郊治區治安紀念 - Restoration [organization] of Public Order in the Suburbs of the Capital of Zhejiang Province [Hangzhou] Commemorative Suspension. reverse 浙江省政府主席傅式說贈 - Presented by Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Government Fu Shiyue Stamped with number 47.
  9. 1942 National Government Department of the Navy Naval Conference Commemorative Medal/三十一年四月國民政府海軍部國民政府海軍部章

    Department of the Navy of the National Government held the Naval Conference on April 1, 1942. The main topic discussed at the conference was the issue of reconstruction of the naval fleet. Medal were awarded to Chinese naval officers and Japanese advisors who participated in the Navy Naval...
  10. New People's Society of the Republic of China (Shinminkai) Badges/中華民國新民會章

    "Shinminkai/中華民國新民會/New People's Society of the Republic of China" had been established on December 24, 1937 as the brainchild of Major General Seiichi Kita, modeled on the Concordia Association in neighboring Manchukuo. It was essentially a political organ that was designed to spread the...
  11. 1937 Creating a New Shanghai after the War Commemorative Medal/1937年戰後創造新上海紀念章

    Obviously this badge was designed after the order of Striped Tiger. Because of the positioning of the yin-yang symbol it looks like a Shinminkai award https://asiamedals.info/threads/new-peoples-society-of-the-republic-of-china-shinminkai-badges.26468/ but since New People's Society of the...
  12. 1940 Wen Shizhen Third Anniversary as a Mayor Commemorative Gift Medal/中華民國二十九年市長就職三周年記念温世珍贈章

    Reverse 中華民國二十九年 - 1940 市長就職三周年記念 - 3rd Anniversary as a Mayor Commemorative 温世珍贈 - Presented by/Gift from Wen Shizhen
  13. 5th Anniversary of the Founding of the Governor-General of Korea Government Table Medal/大正四年朝鮮総督府始政五年記念朝鮮物産共進会金牌

    Obverse 金牌 - Gold Medal 始政五年記念朝鮮物産共進會 - 5th Anniversary of the Founding of the Government reverse 大正四年 - 1915 朝鮮総督府 - Governor-General of Korea Office Original case.
  14. 6th class Orders of the Auspicious Clouds/勲六位景雲章

    Early orders. Typical for early cases style of inscription. 勲六位景雲章 - 6th Class Order of the Auspicious Clouds Usually these badges marked with Japanese mint mark M. Miniature button rosette.
  15. North China Transportation Company Tribute to the Country Watch Fob/華北交通株式会社運送報国章

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/north-china-transportation-company-achievement-badge.25884/ Obverse Emblem of North China Transportation Company reverse 運送報國 - Transporation Service to the Country
  16. 1943 Laurel and Vargas Medal

    Struck to commemorate the establishment of the Executive Council. All medals were made by Crispulo Zamora workshop in Manila. According to Basso https://asiamedals.info/threads/homma-medal.24468/#post-351576 only 1500 bronze medals were made. Size 44 mm. Weight 50 g (thick planchet). The...
  17. Tirad Pass Order (a.k.a. Tirad Pass Medal)

    President of the Japanese-occupied Second Philippine Republic José Paciano Laurel created the Order of Tirad Pass by Ordinance No. 16 on 27 April, 1944. It’s purpose was to give public and official recognition to members of the Philippine Constabulary who rendered distinguished and meritorious...
  18. Manchukuo National Census Medal Award Documents/大滿洲帝國 國勢調査記念章證書

    Lowest known (for today) number of document. No. 1645 Rare posthumous /故/ document. Issued on July 7, 1941.
  19. Unidentified Inner Mongolia Medal

    Silver, enamel. Size 31 mm. Weight 14 g. Ex Michael Quigley collection. Medal obverse depicting an orange circular border with smaller circles inside the border, a horse that is jumping, a Buddhist swastika, a flag, two clouds, two blue flowers and a white Mongol tent, and inscriptions in...
  20. Horqin Left-wing Middle Banner Government Office Gift Commemorative Watch Fob/科爾沁左翼中旗公署蒙地奉上紀念章

    Photo courtesy of the owner. Reverse 蒙地奉上紀念 - Mongolia Gift Commemorative /奉上 - to present (something) respectfully; to offer/ 科爾沁左翼中旗公署 - Horqin Left-wing Middle Banner Government Office Horqin Left Middle Banner /Mongolian script: ᠬᠣᠷᠴᠢᠨ ᠵᠡᠭᠦᠨ ᠭᠠᠷᠤᠨ ᠳᠤᠮᠳᠠᠳᠤ ᠬᠣᠰᠢᠭᠤ; Chinese: 科尔沁左翼中旗/...