Imperial Citizens Serving the Public Association Promoter's Badge/皇民奉公会推進員徽章

Size 34 x 23 mm.
Weight 9.8 g.

Specimen from the collection of National Museum of Taiwan History.

Imperial Citizens Serving the Public Promoter's Badge.jpg


皇民奉公 - Imperial Citizens Serving the Public

推進員 - Promoter's Badge


皇民奉公會 - Kōmin Hōkōkai /Taiwanese branch of Imperial Rule Assistance Association / that was established on April 9, 1941.​
In a period of national mobilization for the war effort, numerous Taiwanese were essentially compelled to join the Komin Hokokai, which contained numerous umbrella organizations that included youth groups as well as medical and artist brigades/.

推進員徽章 - Association Promoter Member's Badge
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