New People's Society of the Republic of China (Shinminkai) Badges/中華民國新民會章

"Shinminkai/中華民國新民會/New People's Society of the Republic of China" had been established on December 24, 1937 as the brainchild of Major General Seiichi Kita, modeled on the Concordia Association in neighboring Manchukuo. It was essentially a political organ that was designed to spread the government's ideas to the public and mobilize economic and military support for the Provisional Government of the Republic of China and Japan. The New People's Society was not a mass organization with millions of members but a small tight-knit group that included many smaller sub-organizations. Among their activities ranged from training future civil servants, sending students to Japan, giving medical services to remote villages, providing disaster relief, establish free tea houses, promoting Chinese art and pilgrimages to Confucian temples, as well as discussing political events in their radio stations and official newspaper, the New People's Daily. The core values emphasized were Confucian virtues, familial piety, respect for authority, and devotion to scholarship.

Until 1943 Society used flag (and emblem) practically identical to the flag of Dadao Municipal Government of Shanghai The only difference is that yin-yang symbol is rotated differently. In 1943 second type of flag and emblem were introduced

New People's Society Flag /新民會會旗/.

New People's Society of the Republic of China (Shinminkai).jpg

Source: 新民會會務須知 published in 1938.

New People's Society of the Republic of China  (Shinminkai).jpg

New People's Society of the Republic of China (Shinminkai) Badge.jpg

Membership badge.

Membership badge.jpg


新民會 - Shinminkai + stamped No. of the badge.
Youth Training Badge.

1st type.

Youth  Badge.jpg
Youth Badge.jpg


- Youth


Unreadable hieroglyph (for society branch) and stamped number.

2nd type.

Youth Badge.jpg

博山青訓 - Boshan [District] Youth Training
Women`s badge.

Women`s badge.jpg


- Woman


新民會 - Shinminkai

益都 - Yidu [District]

Stamped No. of the badge.
Children's badge.

Children's badge.jpg
Children's  badge.jpg


- Small for 少国民 - Children


新民會 - Shinminkai + stamped No. of the badge.
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