1940 Wen Shizhen Third Anniversary as a Mayor Commemorative Gift Medal/中華民國二十九年市長就職三周年記念温世珍贈章

1940  Wen Shizhen 3rd Anniversary as Mayor Commemorative Gift Medal.jpg
1940  Wen Shizhen 3rd Anniversary  as Mayor Commemorative Gift Medal.jpg


中華民國二十九年 - 1940

市長就職三周年記念 - 3rd Anniversary as a Mayor Commemorative

温世珍贈 - Presented by/Gift from Wen Shizhen
Wen Shizhen (1877–1951) also known as S. T. Wen, was a politician and diplomat in the Republic of China. He was Mayor of Tianjin during the Provisional Government of the Republic of China and the Wang Jingwei regime (Republic of China-Nanjing). His courtesy name was Peishan (佩珊). He was born in Tianjin.​


In December 1937 Wang Kemin established the Provisional Government of the Republic of China. Wen also participated in it, and was appointed Superintendent of Customs of Tianjin, Inspector of the Bank of Hebei Province, and Chairperson of the Arranging Commission for tariffs, etc.

At that time Pan Yugui (潘毓桂) was appointed Mayor of Tianjin Special City. However, his birthplace was not Tianjin, so the leading figures of Tianjin and the Japanese Special Service Agency of Tianjin did not want to support him. While Wen Shizhen was born in Tianjin, his work was better than Pan's, so he won support with people in the political circle. Pan and Wen struggled with each other; in 1939, Pan resigned his post and Wen became the mayor. In March 1940 the Wang Jingwei regime was established, while Wen stayed at his post. In February 1943 he resigned Mayor.

After the surrender of Japan at the end of World War II, Wen was arrested by Chiang Kai-shek's National Government, and because of the charge of treason and surrender to the enemy (namely Hanjian), he was sentenced to death. However, Wen was not executed while he was imprisoned in Tianjin. At the end of 1948, because the People's Liberation Army's entering Tianjin was coming, Wen was released by the Kuomintang authority. The following January he was rearrested by the Tianjin People's Government, Communist Party of China.

Wen Shizhen was executed by the authority of the People's Republic of China in 1951.​
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