japanese puppet state badge

  1. Taiwan Censuses Taker’s Badges/臨時台湾戸口調査参加章

  2. 1905 Taiwan Extraordinary Household Census Taker’s Badge/明治38年臨時台湾戸口調査参加章

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/2nd-taiwan-extraordinary-household-census-of-1915-takers-badge-4.27351/ In the early 20th century during Japanese rule, the Government-General of Taiwan started to build very thorough household registration records for both families and persons, like the...
  3. 1933 Tieling City Manchurian Incident Security Commemorative Incident Commemorative Watch Fob/1933年満州事変警備記念鐵嶺事局後援会章

    Size 45.5×34.5 mm. Weight 26 g. Obverse 義勇 - Heroism, Loyalty and Courage reverse 満州事変警備記念 - Manchurian Incident Security Commemorative 鐵嶺事局後援會 - Tieling (a prefecture-level city in Liaoning) Incident Affairs Bureau Supporter's Association 昭和八年 - 1933
  4. 1908 Agricultural Products Fair Taiwan Governor's Office Award Medals/明治四一年十二月第一回聯合農會農産物品誇會臺灣總督府賞章

    Silver medal. Obverse 賞 - Award reverse 臺灣總督府 - Taiwan Governor's Office 第一回聯合農會 - 1st Farmers' Union Association 農産物品誇會 - Agricultural Products Fair 明治四一年十二月 - December 1908
  5. Wang Jingwei Regime Youth League Badge/中華民國國民政府青年団章

    Obverse Five Races Under One Union flag. 青 for 青年団 - Youth League
  6. Takao Prefecture Award Watch Fob/高雄州賞章

    Obverse 賞 - Award 高 for 高雄 - Takao reverse 高雄州 - Takao Prefecture /Takao-shū/ was one of the administrative divisions of Taiwan during the Japanese rule. The prefecture consisted of modern-day Kaohsiung City and Pingtung County. Original case. 賞 - Award 高雄州 - Takao Prefecture
  7. 1937 Sakin Unit Bandits Subjugation Commemorative Watch Fob/昭和十二年砂金部隊討伐記念章

    Reverse 昭和十二年 -1937 討伐記念 - [Bandits] Subjugation Commemorative 砂金部隊 - Sakin [lit. gold dust] Unit
  8. 1939 Anzu Unit Okazaki Squad Suppression of Bandits Commemorative Watch Fob/1939年杏部隊岡崎隊討伐記念章

    Watch fob in the form of "V" for Victory. Obverse 討匪 - Suppression of Bandits reverse 2599 - 1939 討伐記念 - Subjugation Commemorative 杏部隊岡崎隊 - Anzu Unit Okazaki Squad
  9. Tsurumi Detachment Dūnníng Road Extension Commemorative Watch Fob/鶴見支隊敦甯道拓進記念章

    Private collection. Photos courtesy of the owner. Reverse 鶴見支隊敦甯道拓進記念 - Tsurumi Detachment Dūnníng Road Extension Commemorative * Tricky kanji 甯 = 寧 = 宁 自七・五・一〇 - from May 10, 1932 至七・七・一〇 - until July 10, 1932 Three places that are shown on the map. 甯安 = 宁安市 - Ning’An City...
  10. Manchuria Academic Research Group Badge/満蒙学術調査研究団章

    Size 21 mm. 満蒙學術調査研究團 - Manchuria Academic Research Group Marked 純銀 - pure silver and Tamaya workshop mark 玉 https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-watch-fobs-and-medals-manufactured-by-tamaya.26703/
  11. 1931 Water Sports Competition Taiwan Sports Association Participation Commemorative Badge/皇紀2591年台湾体育協会賀陽宮殿下台覧水上競技大会参加記念章

    Obverse 賀陽宮殿下 - His Imperial Highness Prince Kayanomiya 台覧水上競技大會 - Water Sports Competition in the Presence of the Prince reverse 皇紀二五九一年 - 1931 参加記念章 - Participation Commemorative Badge 臺湾体育協會 - Taiwan Sports Association
  12. General Ma Zhanshan Subjugation 15th Infantry Regiment Triumphal Return Commemorative Watch Fob/皇紀二五九二年日歩兵第十五聯隊馬占山討伐支事変凱旋記念章

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/manchurian-incident-commemorative-badges-and-watch-fobs.23177/ Height approx. 40 mm. Width approx. 30 mm. Reverse 皇紀二五九二年 - 1932 日支事変凱旋記念 - Japan-China Incident (instead of typical "Manchurian Incident") Triumphal Return Commemorative 歩兵第十五聯隊 -...
  13. Taiwan Exposition In Commemoration of the First Forty Years of Japanese Rule Watch Fobs and Medals/1935年始政四十周年臺湾記念博覧章

    Diameter 24.23 mm. Height 37 mm. Weight 10.7 g. Obverse 博協 - 博覧會協賛會 - Expo Sponsors Association reverse 會員章 - Membership Badge 始政四十周年記念臺湾博覧會協賛會 - 40th Anniversary of Governance Commemorative Taiwan Expo Sponsorship Association 皇紀二千五百九十五年 - 1935
  14. 1930 Chōsen Government Railway Achievement Badge/昭和五年十一月十二日朝鮮總督府鐵道朝鮮總督府效績章

    Obverse Emblem of 1930 Chōsen Government Railway 效績章 - Achievement Badge reverse 昭和五年十一月十二日 - November 12, 1930 朝鮮總督府 - Office of the Governor-General of Korea
  15. 1936-1938 Dōngbian Road Enforcement Commemorative Badges and Watch Fobs/昭和十一•十三年邊道粛正工作記念章

    Matsubara Unit Badge. https://asiamedals.info/threads/kite-design-independent-garrison-units-commemorative-badges.23759/#post-352038
  16. Hsinking Broadcasting Office of Manchurian Telegraph&Telephone Joint Stock Company Commemorative Watch Fob/満洲電信電話新京放送局記念章

    Manchurian Telegraph & Telephone Joint Stock Company. /満洲電信電話株式会社 or abbreviation 満洲電電/ was established on August 31, 1933, and was a national joint venture between Japan and Manchuria that ceased to exist in 1945. It exclusively operated the telecommunications business (including...
  17. Temporary Dispatch to Korea Commemorative Watch Fob/振武臨時朝鮮派遣記念章

    Obverse 振武 = 神武 /Shinbu/ - "military might" or, in the narrow sense, "sublime martial moral power". The idea of shinbu embraces physical, spiritual and ethical issues and denotes the condition when all basic principles of martial art are applied simultaneously and in balance. reverse...
  18. New People's Society of the Republic of China (Shinminkai) Badges/中華民國新民會章

    "Shinminkai/中華民國新民會/New People's Society of the Republic of China" had been established on December 24, 1937 as the brainchild of Major General Seiichi Kita, modeled on the Concordia Association in neighboring Manchukuo. It was essentially a political organ that was designed to spread the...
  19. 1937 Creating a New Shanghai after the War Commemorative Medal/1937年戰後創造新上海紀念章

    Obviously this badge was designed after the order of Striped Tiger. Because of the positioning of the yin-yang symbol it looks like a Shinminkai award https://asiamedals.info/threads/new-peoples-society-of-the-republic-of-china-shinminkai-badges.26468/ but since New People's Society of the...
  20. 1943 New People's Society of the Republic of China (Shinminkai) Commemorative Badge/中華民國三十二年三月中華民國新民會贈紀念章

    Obverse Flag of New People's Society /Shinminkai/ 紀念 - Commemorative reverse 同志 - Comrade 結合 - Union 中華民國新民會贈 - Gift from/Presented by the New People's Society of the Republic of China 中華民國三十二年三月- March 3, 1943 Marked with barely readable 紋銀 - fine silver. Original case. 紀念章 -...