japanese puppet state badge

  1. 1939 Nanyang South Pacific Territory Extraordinary Census Taker’s Badge/昭和十四年八月一日臨時島勢調查南洋廳章

    1930 Nanyang South Pacific Territory Census Taker’s Badge https://asiamedals.info/threads/1930-nanyang-south-pacific-territory-census-takers-badge.24429/ 1935 Nanyang South Pacific Territory Census Taker’s Badge...
  2. Xingjing County Guarding Commemorative Watch Fob/興京県警備紀念章

    Size 25 mm. Obverse Manchukuo flag 紀念 - Commemorative reverse 興京縣 - Xingjing County /currently known as Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County /新賓滿族自治縣; ᠰᡳᠨᠪᡳᠨ ᠮᠠᠨᠵᡠ ᠪᡝᠶᡝ ᡩᠠᠰᠠᠩᡤᠠ ᠰᡳᠶᠠᠨ/ or simply Xinbin County is one of the three counties under the administration of the prefecture-level city...
  3. Imperial Citizens Serving the Public Association Promoter's Badge/皇民奉公会推進員徽章

    Size 34 x 23 mm. Weight 9.8 g. Specimen from the collection of National Museum of Taiwan History. Obverse 皇民奉公 - Imperial Citizens Serving the Public 推進員 - Promoter's Badge reverse 皇民奉公會 - Kōmin Hōkōkai /Taiwanese branch of Imperial Rule Assistance Association /...
  4. 1942 Jingxing Province Commemorative Medal for Strengthening Public Security/民国三十一年河北省井陘縣治安強化記念章

    Size 32 mm. Obverse 記念 - Commemorative reverse 治安強化記念章 - Commemorative Medal for Strengthening Public Security 民国三十一年 - Thirty-one Years of the Republic of China = 1942 河北省井陘縣 - Jingxing Prefecture, Hebei Province
  5. Suppression of Taiwan Barbarians Commemorative Watch Fob/振武台湾討蕃記念章

    Different watch fob with a same design of obverse https://asiamedals.info/threads/temporary-dispatch-to-korea-commemorative-watch-fob.26568/ Size 26 x 18 mm. Obverse 振武 = 神武 /Shinbu/ - "military might" or, in the narrow sense, "sublime martial moral power". The idea of shinbu embraces...
  6. Taiwan Extraordinary Censuses Taker’s Badges/臨時台湾戸口調査参加章

  7. 1905 Taiwan Extraordinary Household Census Taker’s Badge/明治38年臨時台湾戸口調査参加章

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/2nd-taiwan-extraordinary-household-census-of-1915-takers-badge-4.27351/ In the early 20th century during Japanese rule, the Government-General of Taiwan started to build very thorough household registration records for both families and persons, like the...
  8. 1933 Tieling City Manchurian Incident Security Commemorative Incident Commemorative Watch Fob/1933年満州事変警備記念鐵嶺事局後援会章

    Size 45.5×34.5 mm. Weight 26 g. Obverse 義勇 - Heroism, Loyalty and Courage reverse 満州事変警備記念 - Manchurian Incident Security Commemorative 鐵嶺事局後援會 - Tieling (a prefecture-level city in Liaoning) Incident Affairs Bureau Supporter's Association 昭和八年 - 1933
  9. 1908 Agricultural Products Fair Taiwan Governor's Office Award Medals/明治四一年十二月第一回聯合農會農産物品誇會臺灣總督府賞章

    Silver medal. Obverse 賞 - Award reverse 臺灣總督府 - Taiwan Governor's Office 第一回聯合農會 - 1st Farmers' Union Association 農産物品誇會 - Agricultural Products Fair 明治四一年十二月 - December 1908
  10. Wang Jingwei Regime Youth League Badge/中華民國國民政府青年団章

    Obverse Five Races Under One Union flag. 青 for 青年団 - Youth League
  11. Takao Prefecture Award Watch Fob/高雄州賞章

    Obverse 賞 - Award 高 for 高雄 - Takao reverse 高雄州 - Takao Prefecture /Takao-shū/ was one of the administrative divisions of Taiwan during the Japanese rule. The prefecture consisted of modern-day Kaohsiung City and Pingtung County. Original case. 賞 - Award 高雄州 - Takao Prefecture
  12. 1937 Sakin Unit Bandits Subjugation Commemorative Watch Fob/昭和十二年砂金部隊討伐記念章

    Reverse 昭和十二年 -1937 討伐記念 - [Bandits] Subjugation Commemorative 砂金部隊 - Sakin [lit. gold dust] Unit
  13. 1939 Anzu Unit Okazaki Squad Suppression of Bandits Commemorative Watch Fob/1939年杏部隊岡崎隊討伐記念章

    Watch fob in the form of "V" for Victory. Obverse 討匪 - Suppression of Bandits reverse 2599 - 1939 討伐記念 - Subjugation Commemorative 杏部隊岡崎隊 - Anzu Unit Okazaki Squad
  14. Tsurumi Detachment Dūnníng Road Extension Commemorative Watch Fob/鶴見支隊敦甯道拓進記念章

    Private collection. Photos courtesy of the owner. Reverse 鶴見支隊敦甯道拓進記念 - Tsurumi Detachment Dūnníng Road Extension Commemorative * Tricky kanji 甯 = 寧 = 宁 自七・五・一〇 - from May 10, 1932 至七・七・一〇 - until July 10, 1932 Three places that are shown on the map. 甯安 = 宁安市 - Ning’An City...
  15. Manchuria Academic Research Group Badge/満蒙学術調査研究団章

    Size 21 mm. 満蒙學術調査研究團 - Manchuria Academic Research Group Marked 純銀 - pure silver and Tamaya workshop mark 玉 https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-watch-fobs-and-medals-manufactured-by-tamaya.26703/
  16. 1931 Water Sports Competition Taiwan Sports Association Participation Commemorative Badge/皇紀2591年台湾体育協会賀陽宮殿下台覧水上競技大会参加記念章

    Obverse 賀陽宮殿下 - His Imperial Highness Prince Kayanomiya 台覧水上競技大會 - Water Sports Competition in the Presence of the Prince reverse 皇紀二五九一年 - 1931 参加記念章 - Participation Commemorative Badge 臺湾体育協會 - Taiwan Sports Association
  17. General Ma Zhanshan Subjugation 15th Infantry Regiment Triumphal Return Commemorative Watch Fob/皇紀二五九二年日歩兵第十五聯隊馬占山討伐支事変凱旋記念章

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/manchurian-incident-commemorative-badges-and-watch-fobs.23177/ Height approx. 40 mm. Width approx. 30 mm. Reverse 皇紀二五九二年 - 1932 日支事変凱旋記念 - Japan-China Incident (instead of typical "Manchurian Incident") Triumphal Return Commemorative 歩兵第十五聯隊 -...
  18. Taiwan Exposition In Commemoration of the First Forty Years of Japanese Rule Watch Fobs and Medals/1935年始政四十周年臺湾記念博覧章

    Diameter 24.23 mm. Height 37 mm. Weight 10.7 g. Obverse 博協 - 博覧會協賛會 - Expo Sponsors Association reverse 會員章 - Membership Badge 始政四十周年記念臺湾博覧會協賛會 - 40th Anniversary of Governance Commemorative Taiwan Expo Sponsorship Association 皇紀二千五百九十五年 - 1935
  19. 1930 Chōsen Government Railway Achievement Badge/昭和五年十一月十二日朝鮮總督府鐵道朝鮮總督府效績章

    Obverse Emblem of 1930 Chōsen Government Railway 效績章 - Achievement Badge reverse 昭和五年十一月十二日 - November 12, 1930 朝鮮總督府 - Office of the Governor-General of Korea
  20. 1936-1938 Dōngbian Road Enforcement Commemorative Badges and Watch Fobs/昭和十一•十三年邊道粛正工作記念章

    Matsubara Unit Badge. https://asiamedals.info/threads/kite-design-independent-garrison-units-commemorative-badges.23759/#post-352038