japanese puppet state award

  1. Imperial Citizens Serving the Public Association Promoter's Badge/皇民奉公会推進員徽章

    Size 34 x 23 mm. Weight 9.8 g. Specimen from the collection of National Museum of Taiwan History. Obverse 皇民奉公 - Imperial Citizens Serving the Public 推進員 - Promoter's Badge reverse 皇民奉公會 - Kōmin Hōkōkai /Taiwanese branch of Imperial Rule Assistance Association /...
  2. 1942 Jingxing Province Commemorative Medal for Strengthening Public Security/民国三十一年河北省井陘縣治安強化記念章

    Size 32 mm. Obverse 記念 - Commemorative reverse 治安強化記念章 - Commemorative Medal for Strengthening Public Security 民国三十一年 - Thirty-one Years of the Republic of China = 1942 河北省井陘縣 - Jingxing Prefecture, Hebei Province
  3. Order of the Illustrious Dragon Breast Stars made by Osaka Mint /marked M/

    Silver, gilt, enamel. Size 88 mm. 勲功位章 - Order of Merit Reverse of the pin marked M https://asiamedals.info/threads/mark-m-on-japanese-orders-and-medals-who-and-when.14818/
  4. 1943 Second National Military Conference Commemorative Medal/中華民國三十二年二月第二次全國軍事會議參戰記念章 

    Medal bar 參戰記念 - Participation in the War Commemorative Reverse 中華民國三十二年 - 32 Years of the Republic of China = 1943 二月第二次全國 - February 2nd National 軍事會議 - Military Conference 興復中華 - Asia Development /Asia Rising; Asia Revival/ 保衛東亞 - Defending East Asia
  5. Northern Shanxi Autonomous Government Medal/晋北自治政府章

    The North Shanxi Autonomous Government /also known as the Jinbei Autonomous Government; Chinese: 晋北自治政府; pinyin: Jìnběi zìzhì zhèngfǔ/ was an administratively autonomous component of Mengjiang from its creation in 1937 to its complete merger into Mengjiang in 1939. Following the Japanese...
  6. 1938 Head of the Mengjiang Government Visit to Japan and Manchukuo Commemorative Watch Fob/成紀七三三年蒙疆三自治政府縣長日滿視察紀念紀念章

    Obverse ᠮᠣᠩᠭᠣᠯ - Mongolian [People] 紀念 - Commemorative reverse 蒙疆三自治政府縣長 - Head of the Three Autonomous Governments of Mengjiang (i.e. Demchigdonrob https://asiamedals.info/threads/mengjiang-autonomous-government-genghis-khan-military-merit-badge.24588/#post-351981) 日滿視察紀念 - Visit to Japan...
  7. Chōsen Shimbun Badges and Watch Fobs/朝鮮新聞社章

    "Gloria" watch fob. Size 32 x 27 mm. Reverse 朝鮮新聞社 - Chōsen shinbun-sha /Chosen (Korea) Newspaper/
  8. Award Watch Fob from the Korea Regional Headquarters of Butoku Kai/大日本武徳会朝鮮地方本部賞章

    See https://asiamedals.info/forums/butoku-kai-and-other-martial-arts-associations.743/ 1st variation. Obverse 賞 - Award reverse 大日本武徳會 - Dai Nippon Butoku Kai 朝鮮地方本部 - Korea Regional Headquarters
  9. North China Transportation Company Achievement Badge/華北交通株式会社效績章

    1st variation in pure silver. Full set with original outer carboard case. Obverse 效績章 - Achievement Badge Reverse 華北交通株式會社 - North China Transportation Company (see https://asiamedals.info/threads/north-china-transportation-company-tribute-to-the-country-watch-fob.25319/#post-354167)...
  10. China Incident Taiwan Campaign Commemorative Association Membership Badge/支那事変台湾従軍記念会会員徽章

    Obverse 従軍 - Military Campaign reverse 支那事変 - China Incident 臺湾従軍記念會 - Taiwan Campaign Commemorative Association 会員徽章 - Membership Badge
  11. North China Institute of Public Health Badge/内務総署華北衛生研究所章

    Numbered badge. Obverse 内務総署 - General Administration of the Interior [Internal Affairs; Home Affairs] 華北衛生研究所 - North China Institute of Public Health reverse stamped with 72.
  12. 6th class Orders of the Auspicious Clouds/勲六位景雲章

    Early orders. Typical for early cases style of inscription. 勲六位景雲章 - 6th Class Order of the Auspicious Clouds Usually these badges marked with Japanese mint mark M. Miniature button rosette.
  13. Unidentified Inner Mongolia Medal

    Silver, enamel. Size 31 mm. Weight 14 g. Ex Michael Quigley collection. Medal obverse depicting an orange circular border with smaller circles inside the border, a horse that is jumping, a Buddhist swastika, a flag, two clouds, two blue flowers and a white Mongol tent, and inscriptions in...
  14. Medal Bar with Wang Jingwei Regime /Reorganized National Government of the Republic of China/ Awards

    Very rare general's medal group with two Wang Jingwei awards. Details. Wang Jingwei 1941 Visit to Japan Commemorative Medal https://asiamedals.info/threads/wang-jingwei-1941-visit-to-japan-commemorative-medal.24226/ 1943 Second National Military Conference Commemorative Medal...
  15. East Asian Cultural and National Education Policy Committee Member Medal/日支化振興提携東亞文国教敍策委員会章

    Silver, enamel. Size 36.5 mm. Reverse (in Chinese) 日支化振興提携 - Japan-China Cultural Revitalization Support 皇紀二五九七年 - 1937 會同 - Assembly; Meeting 記念章 - Commemorative Medal/Badge 東亞文國教敍策委員會 - East Asian Cultural and National Education Policy Committee Member 純銀 - pure silver Ribbon.
  16. 1939 East Asia Municipal Conference Commemorative Badge/東亞大都市懇談会 滿支家代表入洛紀念章

    Photos courtesy of the owner. Reverse 昭和十四年四月- April 1939 東亞大都市懇談會 - East Asia Municipal Conference 滿支家代表入洛紀念 - Manchukou Delegate Proceeding to Kyoto [entering Kyoto] Commemorative 京都市 - Kyoto City + Unreadable mark 純銀 - pure silver.
  17. Japanese Medals Bars with Inner Mongolia National Foundation Merit Medal

    About the medal https://asiamedals.info/threads/mengjiang-autonomous-government-national-foundation-merit-medal.24586/ Nice start.
  18. Commemorative Watch Fob for Suppression [of Guerrillas] near Erdaohezi/北洲二道河子分屯隊 討伐記念章

    Obverse 討伐記念 - Subjugation/Suppression Commemorative reverse 北洲二道河子分屯隊 - North Manchuria Erdaohezi Sub-camp Unit/Corps Erdaohezi is a village under the jurisdiction of Jianping County, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province 白昭和十一年四月 - from April 1936 至昭和十一年九月 - until September 1936 Original...
  19. Japan-Manchukuo Patriotic Women's Association Badges/日満帝国婦人会章

    Suspension reads 日満帝国婦人會, 日 for 日本 - Japan 満 for 滿洲 - Manchuria 帝国 - Empire 婦人会 - Women's Association In April 1939 Lieutenant General of the Manchurian Army Ishimaru Shitoma became the chairman of this association https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/石丸志都磨