taiwan under japanese occupation badge

  1. Taiwan Police Association Award Watch Fob/臺灣警察協会賞章

    Obverse 賞 - Award reverse 臺灣警察協會 - Taiwan Police Association
  2. Government-General of Taiwan Meritorious Service Badges/灣總督府勤功章

    3rd class badge. Size 32 x 29 mm. Weight 9.5 g. Specimen from the collection of National Museum of Taiwan History. Obverse 勤 - Diligent; Laborious; reverse 勤功章 - Meritorious Service Badge 臺灣總督府 - Government-General of Taiwan Administration Original case. 勤功章 - Meritorious Service Badge
  3. Imperial Citizens Serving the Public Association Promoter's Badge/皇民奉公会推進員徽章

    Size 34 x 23 mm. Weight 9.8 g. Specimen from the collection of National Museum of Taiwan History. Obverse 皇民奉公 - Imperial Citizens Serving the Public 推進員 - Promoter's Badge reverse 皇民奉公會 - Kōmin Hōkōkai /Taiwanese branch of Imperial Rule Assistance Association /...
  4. Taipei Senior High School Alumni Association 8th Anniversary Festival Watch Fob/1935年台北高等学校第八回記念祭学友会章

    Reverse 第八回記念祭 - 8th Anniversary Festival 台北高等学校 - Taipei Senior High School 学友會 - Alumni Association 二五九五 - 1935
  5. Suppression of Taiwan Barbarians Commemorative Watch Fob/振武台湾討蕃記念章

    Different watch fob with a same design of obverse https://asiamedals.info/threads/temporary-dispatch-to-korea-commemorative-watch-fob.26568/ Size 26 x 18 mm. Obverse 振武 = 神武 /Shinbu/ - "military might" or, in the narrow sense, "sublime martial moral power". The idea of shinbu embraces...
  6. 1908 Agricultural Products Fair Taiwan Governor's Office Award Medals/明治四一年十二月第一回聯合農會農産物品誇會臺灣總督府賞章

    Silver medal. Obverse 賞 - Award reverse 臺灣總督府 - Taiwan Governor's Office 第一回聯合農會 - 1st Farmers' Union Association 農産物品誇會 - Agricultural Products Fair 明治四一年十二月 - December 1908
  7. 1934 All-Taiwan Water Sports Competition Commemorative Watch Fob/1934年全島水上兢技大會屏東水場開場記念章

    Reverse 屏東水場開場記念 - Commemorating the Opening of Pingtung Water Park 全島水上兢技大會 - All-island Water Sports Competition 二五九四年三月 - March 2594 = March 1934 記念章 - Commemorative Badge 主催屏東市 - Organized by Pingtung City Original case. 記念章 - Commemorative Badge 屏東市 - Pingtung City Watch fob...
  8. 1931 Water Sports Competition Taiwan Sports Association Participation Commemorative Badge/皇紀2591年台湾体育協会賀陽宮殿下台覧水上競技大会参加記念章

    Obverse 賀陽宮殿下 - His Imperial Highness Prince Kayanomiya 台覧水上競技大會 - Water Sports Competition in the Presence of the Prince reverse 皇紀二五九一年 - 1931 参加記念章 - Participation Commemorative Badge 臺湾体育協會 - Taiwan Sports Association
  9. Taiwan Governor's Office Good Conduct Badge/台湾総督府善行章

    No. 691 Suspension 善行章 - Good Conduct Badge reverse 台湾総督府 - Taiwan Governor's Office Punched number 691 Original case.