sacred treasure order

  1. 1st class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1907 to Director of the Board of Audit of Japan Koichi Hama

    Full set from a late Meiji era in pristine condition. Sash badge. Silver, gilt, enamel. Breast star. Silver, gilt, enamel. Original case and sash.
  2. 2nd class Sacred Treasure Order of Count Clary

    Collection of Museum of the Legion of Honor, Paris. Count Clary (born Justinien Charles Xavier Bretonneau; 20 April 1860 – 13 June 1933) was a French sport shooter who competed in the late 19th century and early 20th century in trap shooting. He participated in Shooting at the 1900 Summer...
  3. 5th class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1902 to Captain 1st Rank Vladimir Ivanovich Dmitriev Silver, gilt, enamel. Size 48.1 x 44.4 mm.
  4. 2nd class Sacred Treasure order document issued in 1936 to Kyoto university professor Tetsutaro Inoue

    Size 597 x 457 mm. Awarded on December 7, 1936 Tetsutaro Inoue /井上銕太郎/. Sacred Treasure order No. 920 943.
  5. 1st class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1986 to Frank Bradford Morse

    Set was awarded to Bradford F. Morse (former Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme) on November 3, 1986. Badges is marked GK. "Trident" type breast star Original...
  6. 1st class Sacred Treasure order document issued in 1975 to Arai Seiichirō

    Size 23.25 x 16.5 cm. Issued on November 3, 1975 to Arai Seiichirō /荒井誠一郎/. Emperor Hirohito signature. Document No. 1 892 461 Case.
  7. 5th class Sacred Treasure order of "glued variation" awarded in 1979

    Awarded on May 21, 1979. Document for the new court rank (issued together with order). Order.
  8. Cases for Sacred Treasure Order with Atypical Style of Inscription

    These cases could easily be detected by atypically styled upper kanji 勲 - Merit. Comparison with a "typical" inscription for "early" (1888-late 1930s) cases (on the example of 6th class cases). Comparison with "typical" inscription for "late" (late 1930s- 2003) cases. Currently known...
  9. Medal Bar and Miniatures of Brazilian Diplomat

    The name of recipient is unknown. Brazil, Republic, Lauro Muller Centenary 1864-1964; Japan, Empire, Order of the Sacred Treasure, silver-gilt and enamel, with rosette upon riband; Peru, Republic, Order of Merit, with rosette upon riband; United Kingdom, Royal Victorian Order, Lieutenant's...
  10. 1st class Order of the Sacred Treasure awarded to Paul Volcker in 1988

    This set was awarded to famous American economist Paul Adolph Volcker Jr. /September 5, 1927 – December 8, 2019/ in November 1988. Paul Volcker served as the 12th chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1979 to 1987. He previously served as the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from...
  11. 1st class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1964

    Exemplary full set from mid-1960s. Badge. Breast star. Details. Sash rosette. Miniature button rosette.
  12. 8th class Sacred Treasure awarded in 1895 for the First Sino-Japanese War

    Order and medal belong to Taiko Wada. Both awards on cavalier.
  13. 2nd class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1942 to Colonel Yoshida Shigehiko

    Posthumous awarding. Classical war-time 2nd class breast star. Unmarked. Original case with silver kanji. Post war document (issued around late 1960s). Dated on February 16, 1942 to 吉田 茂彦 - Yoshida Shigehiko.
  14. 8th class Sacred Treasure order with "Pink" ribbon awarded in 1917

    Exemplary documented set.
  15. 1st class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1971 to German Diplomat Paul Frank

    Full set from collection of Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin. About cavalier Original document with official translation. Issued on September 21, 1971. It was 8655th Sacred Treasure order issued to foreigner.
  16. 8th class Sacred Treasure awarded for the First Sino-Japanese War in 1895

    Interesting and useful group. Very early badge. Case.
  17. 1st class Sacred Treasure order of Field Marshal Erhard Milch

    Erhard Milch (30 March 1892 – 25 January 1972) oversaw the development of the German Luftwaffe as part of the re-armament of Nazi Germany following World War I. He was State Secretary in the Reich Ministry of Aviation and Inspector General of the Air force. During most of World War II, he was...
  18. Award Documents of Vice-Admiral Iwao Hiraoka

    Vice-Admiral Hiraoka, Iwao / 平岡巌 海軍中将/ (March 10, 1886 - March 28, 1965) graduated from of Naval Engineer Academy (class 17th). He was promoted to vice-admiral on November 15, 1938. 2nd class Rising Sun order. Awarded on April 29, 1940 (standard date for the China Incident awards).
  19. 5th class Golden Kite and 4th class Rising Sun orders awarded in 1906 to Major General Eitarō Ikeuchi for the Russo-Japanese War

    Exellent reference award group. 5th class Golden Kite order. Awarded on April 1, 1906 to Infantry Major /歩兵少佐/ Eitaro Ikeuchi /i池内英太郎/. Classical early order type that was awarded during 1895-1906 time period. It is also the most common type awarded for the Russo-Japanese War.
  20. Japanese Orders and Medals made by Chobillion, Paris

    Established by J. Chobillion in 1840, this firm only manufactured the Order of Chivalry until the early 1920s. In 1875, it was taken over by E. Chobillon and by 1896 can be located at 16 Rue Croix de Petits Champs, as noted on Madagascan Orders. By 1912, their address was 180 Galerie de Valois...