Northern Shanxi Autonomous Government Medal/晋北自治政府章

The North Shanxi Autonomous Government /also known as the Jinbei Autonomous Government; Chinese: 晋北自治政府; pinyin: Jìnběi zìzhì zhèngfǔ/ was an administratively autonomous component of Mengjiang from its creation in 1937 to its complete merger into Mengjiang in 1939. Following the Japanese invasion of China in July 1937, regional governments were established in Japanese-occupied territories. After Operation Chahar in September 1937, which extended Japanese control to northern Shanxi region, more formal control of the area was established through the creation of the North Shanxi Autonomous Government, as well as the South Chahar Autonomous Government to the east of Shanxi.

Although Mengjiang at first only exerted a supervisory and directing role over the North Shanxi Autonomous Government by means of the Mengjiang United Committee, a conference of influential figures from the North Shanxi Autonomous Government, the South Chahar Autonomous Government, and Mengjiang; the influence exerted by Mengjiang over time allowed for greater and greater control over the affairs of the area, causing it to lose its administrative autonomy in 1939 through the formation of the United Mongol Autonomous Government.​

Ribbon was obviously taken from the Rising Sun order.

Medal of the Northern Shanxi Autonomous Government 晋北自治政府章.jpg
Medal of the Northern Shanxi Autonomous  Government 晋北自治政府章.jpg


Giant Buddha statue in the Yungang Grottoes, with a lotus flower beside it and a flying dragon under the lotus flower.


晋北自治政府 - Northern Shanxi Autonomous Government
The Yungang Grottoes /Chinese: 云冈石窟; pinyin: Yúngāng shíkū/, formerly the Wuzhoushan Grottoes (Chinese: 武州山 / 武周山; pinyin: Wǔzhōushān), are ancient Chinese Buddhist temple grottoes near the city of Datong in the province of Shanxi. The site is located about 16 km west of the city of Datong, in the valley of the Shi Li river at the base of the Wuzhou Shan mountains. There are 53 major caves, along with 51,000 niches housing the same number of Buddha statues.​

Yungang Grottoes.jpg
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