юлиус кейбель

  1. 4th class Orders of St.Vladimir for 35-Years Long Service made by Julius Keibel /IK/

    Gold, enamel. Size 39.3 x 35 mm. Marked with St. Petersburg assay office gold hallmark "56+anchors", "double-headed eagle" and "IK" for Julius Keibel. Collection of State Historical Museum, Moscow.
  2. Privately Commissioned Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky from Hermitage collection

    Unique Keibel-made cross. Cross was transferred to the Hermitage collection in 1938 from the former Jewelry Gallery of the Winter Palace. Gold, enamel. Size 73 (including the ribbon loop) x 48 mm. Marked with St.Petersburg assay office gold hallmark "56". Iconography typical for crosses...
  3. Orders of Saint Catherine made by Kammerer&Keibel /KK/ workshop

    Lesser /2nd class/ cross. Gold, silver, diamonds, enamel. Size 55 х 69 mm. Weight 39.9 g. Collection of State Historical Museum in Moscow. St. Petersburg assay office year mark "1841". According to the museum cross also marked with "Keibel".
  4. Orders of Saint Anna with Imperial Crown made by Julius Keibel /IK/

    Breast stars of Saint Anna with Imperial Crown https://asiamedals.info/threads/order-of-saint-anna-breast-stars-with-imperial-crown.28089/ From April 14, 1829 for the Russian cavaliers of the Order of St. Anna the Imperial Crown placed above the crosses of the 1st and 2nd classes and above the...
  5. Orders of St. Alexander Nevsky made by Julius Keibel /IK/

    Early cross from 1867. Gold, enamel. Size 60.31 x 54.35 mm. Weight 31.6 g. Marked with gold assay mark "56" and St. Petersburg assay office year mark 1867. On the upper beam under the enamel the Imperial Eagle (symbol of official supplier of Russian Imperial Kapitul). On the lower...
  6. Badges of Excellence for Faultless Service made by Julius Keibel workshop /IK/

    40 years of service on St.Vladimir ribbon. Silver, gilding. Size 28.3×32.1 mm. Weight 6.7 g. Marked "IK" for Julius Keibel /Юлиус Кейбель/, silver hallmark "84" and St.Petersburg assay office mark. Marks.
  7. Orders of Saint George made by Julius Keibel workshop /IK/

    1st/2nd class, 3rd class and 4th class crosses made by Julius Keibel in 1870 as a model specimen for Imperial Capitul /Capitula; Kapitul/. Currently in the collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums. 1st/2nd class cross. Gold, enamel. Size 48 х 73 mm. Marked with gold hallmark "56" and...
  8. Orders of St. Andrew made by Julius Keibel workshop /IK/