japanese army badge

  1. 1941 Torii Unit Hankou Security Commemorative Watch Fob/1941年鳥居部隊漢口警備記念章

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/china-incident-commemorative-badges-and-watch-fobs.22957/page-3#post-211452 Obverse Inside the flag 警 for 警備 - Security /policing; guard/ 漢口警備記念 - Hankou Security /policing; guard/ Commemorative (Hankou was one of the three towns (the other two...
  2. 10th Division Army Commemorative Convention Watch Fob/第十師團陸軍記念大會章

    Size 22.25 mm. Reverse 第十師團 - 10th Division 陸軍記念大會 - Army Commemorative Convention /General Meeting/
  3. Japanese Army Merit Association Badge/陸軍勲會章

    Height 43 mm. Obverse 勲會 - Merit Association
  4. Shinagawa Ward Union Branch of Imperial Military Reservist Association Establishment Commemorative Watch Fob/帝国在郷軍人会品川區聨合分会發會記念章

    Obverse 記念 - Commemorative reverse 發會記念 - Establishment Commemorative 品川區聨合分會 - Shinagawa Ward Union Branch of Association 帝國在郷軍人會- Imperial Military Reservist Association
  5. Japanese Army Marksmanship Badges made by Seieido workshop/正榮堂謹製小銃射撃兵徽章

    Stamp of Seieido workshop https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-and-watch-fobs-made-by-seieido-workshop.21977/
  6. Hito Branch of Imperial Military Reservist Association Completion of Military Volunteer Training Badge/帝国在郷軍人會軍義請備習備了氷戸支部章

    Specimen from the collection of Raymond LaBar. Photos courtesy of the owner. Reverse 氷戸支部 - Hito Branch 軍義請備習備了- Military Volunteer Training Completed
  7. Japanese Officer's Pilot Badges Made in Silver/純銀製将校用操縦徽章

    Marked 純銀 - pure silver. Original case. 将校用操縦徽章 - Officer's Pilot Badge
  8. Army Youth Tank School Graduation Commemorative Watch Fobs/陸軍少年戦車兵学校章

    Reverse 少年戦車兵 - Youth/Boy Tankman 第二期生 - 2nd Class Graduating Student /230 students of 2nd class graduated on November 10, 1942/
  9. Japanese Army Pilot Badges made by Koyano Watch Shop/下士官用操縦徽章古谷野時計店

    Engraved 武市篤 - Takechi Atsushi marked 純銀 - pure silver. Original case. 下士官用操縦徽章 - Non-commissioned Officer's Pilot Badge 古谷野時計店 - Koyano Watch Shop Shimodate city, Ibaraki Prefecture
  10. 1933 Army Special Large Army Maneuvers Ishikawa Prefecture Administrative Committee Member Badge/1933年石川県陸軍特別大演習事務委員徽章

    Obverse 石 for 石川県 - Ishikawa Prefecture reverse 昭和八年陸軍特別大演習事務委員徽章 - 1933 Army Special Large Army Maneuvers Administrative Committee Member Badge 石川県 - Ishikawa Prefecture Original case. 陸軍特別大演習- Army Special Large Army Maneuvers 事務委員徽章 - Administrative /Affairs/ Committee Member Badge
  11. 1933 Army Special Large Maneuvers Personal inspection Badge/昭和八年十月特別大演習親閲記念章

    Badges with similar design https://asiamedals.info/threads/1932-osaka-imperial-inspection-commemorative-badge.24909/ ; https://asiamedals.info/threads/1932-large-maneuvers-imperial-inspection-participation-commemorative-badge.24908/ Obverse 親閲 - Personal inspection 記念 - Commemorative...
  12. Japanese Imperial Army Korea Stationing Commemorative Badges and Watch Fobs/韓国駐屯記念章

  13. Temporary Dispatch to Korea Commemorative Watch Fob/振武臨時朝鮮派遣記念章

    Watch fob with a same design of obverse https://asiamedals.info/threads/suppression-of-taiwan-barbarians-commemorative-watch-fob.27521/ Obverse 振武 = 神武 /Shinbu/ - "military might" or, in the narrow sense, "sublime martial moral power". The idea of shinbu embraces physical, spiritual and...
  14. Japanese Imperial Army Field Artillery Regiments Commemorative Badges and Watch Fobs/野戦砲兵記念章

  15. Well-worn Japanese Pilot Badges

    These have a distinct charm.
  16. Two Japanese Pilot Badges Owned by the Same Pilot

    Right one 陸軍飛行機操縦徽章 - Army Pilot's Badge left one 下士官用操縦徽章 - Non-commissioned Officer's Pilot Badge
  17. Imperial Army Border Guard Commemorative Badge/皇軍国境警備記念章

    Obverse 皇軍 - Imperial Army reverse 國境警備記念章 - Border Guard Commemorative Badge Engraved 田崎武男 - Takeo Tasaki
  18. 1935 Kojimachi Town Kenpeitai Squad Horse Racing Competition Watch Fob/昭和拾年麹町憲兵分隊丸ノ内乘馬會聨合競技會章

    Reverse 麹町憲兵分隊丸ノ内乘馬會 - Kojimachi [district in Chiyoda, Tokyo] Kenpeitai Squad Marunouchi [district in Chiyoda, Tokyo] Horse Racing Association 聨合競技會 - Union Competition 昭和拾年 - 1935
  19. Fakes and Replicas of Japanese Army Pilot Badge

    将校用操縦徽章 - Officer's Pilot Badge
  20. 1938 Japan Defense Ski Qualification Badge/皇紀二五九八年日本国防スキー 適任章

    With the entry to the Second Sino-Japanese War Japanese government limited the citizenʼs life style, sports, and entertainment. Voluntarily refrain was called for, and ski was no exception since it was already established as a mean of entertainment. During this change, the idea that ski should...