imperial russian awards

  1. Embroidered Breast Star of Saint Anna order with Imperial Crown

    Rare embroidered breast star of St. Anna order with Crown from 1829-1855 time period from Hermitage collection. Formally speaking this is a privately-comissioned breast star since officially issued "Kapitul" breast stars with Imperial Crown were made in metal...
  2. Orders of St. Anne made by Victor Lindroz workshop /V.L/

    "Lindroz Victor, Finnish native, goldsmith, Gorokhovaya, 17". Address book of the city of St. Petersburg for 1899. "Линдроз Виктор, финляндский уроженец, золотых дел мастер, Гороховая, 17". Адресная книга города С.–Петербурга на 1899 г. Orders of St.Anna with Diamonds made by Victor Lindroz...
  3. 4th class Orders of Saint George of "Prinzen" size from the 1st Quarter of the 19th Century

    The actual time boarder for such crosses may extend until the 1840s. Gold, enamel. Size 32 x 29 mm. Weight 4 g. Unmarked.
  4. Orders of St. Alexander Nevsky made by Immanuel Pannasch /IP/ workshop

    Gold, enamel. Size 56х49 mm. Collection of State Historical Museum in Moscow. Marked with maker's mark "I•P" for Immanuel Pannasch, St. Petersburg assay office year mark 182? and on the upper beam under the enamel the Imperial Eagle (symbol of official supplier of Russian Imperial...
  5. Privately Сommissioned Badges of Excellence for Faultless Service

    Unusual enameled badge with horizontal pin. 30 years of service for a civil official on St.Vladimir ribbon. Gold, enamel. Marked "NF" /НФ/. Size 27 × 31.4 mm. Weight 8.19 g.
  6. Ark for the "Imperial Establishment for Russians Cavalier Orders"

    Ark for the "Imperial Establishment [Regulations] for Russians Cavalier Orders" /Ковчег для "Императорского установления для орденов кавалерских российских"/. Made by Jonas Bergström somewhere around 1797 in St.Petersburg. Silver, gilding, enamel, glass, silk moiré. Length 620 mm ; width 480 mm.
  7. Order of St. Alexander Nevsky of Nicholas I of Russia

    Gold, enamel. Size 50 mm. Weight 37.59 g. Unmarked. Circa 1836. Most likely made by Keibel and Kammerer workshop /KK/. Photo courtesy of the colleague and friend from St. Petersburg. Cross has much higher quality than usual period cross. Reverse.
  8. 3rd class St.George Order from the Flag Pommel

    Dug out early specimen. Circa 1830s/1840s.
  9. Grand Imperial Chain and Star of the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called of Empresses Anna Ioannovna and Elizabeth Petrovna

    Badges, breast stars and collar of St.Andrew and St.Alexander orders that were used in coronation of Anna Ioannovna in 1730. Nice looking diamonds. Collar of unique design. Detail. Source. Description of the Anna Ioannovna's coronation in 1730.
  10. Badge of an Official of the Order of St. Stanislaus

    For officials of the Order of St. Stanislaus (master of ceremonies, secretary and two heralds) the statute of May 28, 1839 established an official badge in the form of a reduced cross of this order of the 3rd degree, circled around two gold hoops with the saint's monograms between them. The...
  11. Orders of St.George with "Pink" Medallions from Last Quarter of the 19th Century

    It is often believed (and said) that so-called "pink" medallions were used on the orders of St. George only until 1850s. This is not entirely true. Although model specimens of St.George orders that were made by official supplier of the Capitula Julius Keibel in 1870 already have "red" medallions...
  12. St. Andrew Order with Diamonds worn by Empress Maria Fedorovna

    Gold, diamonds, rubies, enamel. Size 130.5 mm by 87.8mm. Weight 161.75 g, including approximately 45 carats of diamonds. Later added gold plaquette engraved "The Empress Maria Fedorovna deigned to wear this cross on November 26, 1890".
  13. Early (type 1831) Metal Breast Stars of the Order of Saint Stanislaus

    See also Silver, gold, enamel. Size 73 mm. Weight 44.2 g. Unmarked. Photos courtesy of the owner.
  14. Breast stars of order of St. Andrew made by Godet for Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge

    Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge, (Adolphus Frederick; 24 February 1774 – 8 July 1850) was the tenth child and seventh son of the British king George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. He held the title of Duke of Cambridge from 1801 until his death. He also served as Viceroy of...
  15. Order of St. Andrew (and other awards) of Prince George, Duke of Cambridge

    Prince George, Duke of Cambridge (26 March 1819 – 17 March 1904) was a member of the British royal family, a male-line grandson of George III and cousin of Queen Victoria. The Duke was an army officer by profession and served as Commander-in-Chief of the Forces (military head of the British...
  16. Order of St. Andrew (and other awards) from possessions of Prince Roman Petrovich of Russia

    Prince Roman Petrovich of Russia (17 October [O.S. 5 October] 1896 – 23 October 1978) was a member of the House of Romanov. He was born in the Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg the only son of Grand Duke Peter Nikolaevich of Russia and his wife Princess Milica of Montenegro. Prince Roman...
  17. Orders of St. Alexander Nevsky made by Nichols&Plinke workshop /NP/

    Diamond-cut breast star with crown. Belong to the Field Marshal Iosif Gurko Silver, gold, enamel. Size 83 х 81 mm. Weight 47.20 g / 58.5 g. (together with a screw plate). Marked St. Petersburg assay...
  18. Embroidered breast stars of St. Andrew order from the collection of State Historical Museum

    Paper, leather, fabric, foil, tinsel, gimp, weaving, gluing, stamping, whip sewing. Size 114x114 mm. Central medallion. Under different light. Reverse. On display at Tula branch of State Historical Museum.
  19. 4th class St.George Orders made by unknown St.Petersburg workshop in 1900s/1910s

    Crosses of this unknown manufacturer have quite peculiar iconography. 1st type of iconography. 4th class cross from the collection of Turku Museum Center. Gold, enamel. Size 42×37 mm. Marked with St.Petersburg gold assay mark "56" from 1908-1917 time period and unreadable maker mark...
  20. 4th class St.George orders from the collection of State Historical Museum in Moscow

    Beautiful 4th class cross. Gold, enamel. Size 40х45 mm. Weight 12.35 g. Marked with unreadable gold hallmark, maker's mark and St. Petersburg assay office mark.