imperial russia awards

  1. Orders of Saint Catherine made by Kammerer&Keibel /KK/ workshop

    Lesser /2nd class/ cross. Gold, silver, diamonds, enamel. Size 55 х 69 mm. Weight 39.9 g. Collection of State Historical Museum in Moscow. St. Petersburg assay office year mark "1841". According to the museum cross also marked with "Keibel".
  2. Reduced Orders of the White Eagle for Wearing Around the Neck or in the Medal Bar

    Excerpt from Rules of Wearing. "With the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky the breast star of the Order of the White Eagle with and without swords is not worn and the badge of this order with orders: a) St. Alexander Nevsky - worn around the neck on a narrow ribbon and is worn below the crosses of...
  3. Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky with Diamonds of King of the Hawaiian Islands Kalākaua

    About the cavalier and his other awards see In 1883, King Kalakaua bestowed the Royal Order of Kamehameha I Knight's Grand Cross upon Czar Alexander III. The following year, a...
  4. Diamond-сut Privately Commissioned Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky breast star made by Karl Shubert /KS/ workshop

    Silver, gold, enamel. Size 90.6 x 90.9 mm. Weight 59.6 g. Marked with round St. Petersburg assay office hallmark "St. Petersburg coat of arms", silver hallmark "84" and maker's mark "KS" for Karl Shubert "Мастерская Карла Рейнгольда Шуберта/Workshop of Karl Reyngold Shubert".
  5. Medallion of an Official of St.Catherine Order

    Presumably early form of the official’s /officiant’s/ badge (see also ; ...
  6. Orders of St. Alexander Nevsky made by Julius Keibel /IK/

    Early cross from 1867. Gold, enamel. Size 60.31 x 54.35 mm. Weight 31.6 g. Marked with gold assay mark "56" and St. Petersburg assay office year mark 1867. On the upper beam under the enamel the Imperial Eagle (symbol of official supplier of Russian Imperial Kapitul). On the lower...
  7. 3rd class St.George Order from the Flag Pommel

    Dug out early specimen. Circa 1830s/1840s.
  8. Orders of St.George made by Lemaitre & Fils, Paris

    Crosses of similar iconography were made by Chobillion workshop 4th class cross. Silver, gilding, enamel. Ring marked with "L& - grenade F" for Lemaitre & Fils. Founded in Paris in 1843, G...
  9. Stanisław II August Poniatowski’s Embroidered Breast Star of St. Andrew

    See also Stanisław August's Sword of the Order of the White Eagle
  10. Privately Commissioned 4th class Order of St. George from the collection of the Margraves and Grand Dukes of Baden

    German-made 4th class cross in gold. Probably awarded either to Friedrich I, Regent (from 1852) and subsequently Grand Duke of Baden (1826-1907) or to his younger brother Prince Wilhelm (1829-97). Ex collection of the Margraves and Grand Dukes of Baden. See also Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky...
  11. Orders of St. George made by Moscow workshop IZH /ИЖ/ workshop

    Orders of Saint Vladimir made by ИЖ 300th Anniversary of the Reign of the House of Romanov Crosses made by ИЖ...
  12. St.Alexander Nevsky Orders for Non-Christians made by Albert Keibel /AK/ workshop

    Gold, enamel. Approximate size 60 x 55 mm. Marked with assay mark "56" with the coat of arms of St. Petersburg; on the upper beam under the enamel the imperial eagle, on the lower - "AK" for Albert Keibel. Cross was awarded to Persian official somewhere between 1882 and 1899. Medallions...
  13. Breast Star of the Order of Saint Andrew made by French Workshop AB

    Silver, gold, enamel. Size 88 mm. Weight 106 g. Marked with A?B /doesn`t look like a typical Arthus Bertrand mark/ and French boar's head hallmark /indicating .800 silver minimum fineness/.
  14. Orders of St. George made by AR /АР/ workshop

    4th class cross. Gold, enamel. Width 38mm. Marked with gold hallmark "56" from 1908+ time period and makers mark АР /AR/. Interesting and quite unusual iconography.
  15. 3rd class St.George Order awarded to Count Pavel Stroganov in 1807

    See also Hessian Order "Pour la Vertu Militaire" awarded to Count Pavel Stroganov in 1815 Gold, enamel. Size 42х59 mm. Collection of the Hermitage, St. Petersburg...
  16. Order of Saint Andrew of Archduke John of Austria

    Stunning badge made by Immanuel Pannasch /IP/ workshop in 1835. Awarded on August 29 (September 10), 1835 (together with three "junior" Imperial Russian orders). Gold, enamel. Height 92 mm. Collection of Green Vault /Grünes Gewölbe/, Dresden.
  17. Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky Breast Star made by Frederick Adolf Golshtenius workshop /F•H/

    Privately commissioned breast stars made by St.Petersburg workshop of Frederick Adolf Golshtenius /Фредерик Адольф Хольстениус (Гольштениус)/. Circa 1840s-1860s. 1st variation. Silver, gilding, gold, enamel. Size 82.5 x 82.4 mm. Weight 52.20 g. Plate marked with "F•H".
  18. St. Andrew Order with Diamonds of Prince Paul III Anton Esterházy

    Thanks to the sale catalogue that was published in 1867 we have a chance to look at this rarity. Prince Esterházy received his St.Andrew in November 1856. According to the archive documents of the Imperial Cabinet of the Russian Empire this badge cost exactly 5481 rubles (an astronomical...
  19. St. Andrew Order Breast Star with Pearls from the collection of Russian Diamond Fund

    Size 110 mm. Under different light.
  20. Orders of St. Andrew made by Julius Keibel workshop /IK/