Pogranichny Defense Commemorative Watch Fob/大正十年ポクラニーチナヤ守備記念章

Height 29 mm.
Width 22.5 mm.
Thickness 2.2 mm.
Weight 7.1 g.

大正十年 ポクラニーチナヤ  守備記念章 .jpg
大正十年 ポクラニーチナヤ守備記念章.jpg


ポクラニーチナヤ守備記念 - Pogranichny [Pokuranīchinaya] Defense Commemorative

大正十年 - 1921

The history of Pogranichny /Пограничный/ village begins in 1898, when the Grodekovo station was founded on the CER and the village of Grodekovskaya was founded at it, named after the Cavalier of St. George, Lieutenant General Nikolai Ivanovich Grodekov , the Amur Governor General.

The movement of trains through the station began in January 1900, which gave impetus to the development of the village. On January 1, 1903, there were 123 households in the village of Grodekovskaya, 419 men, 335 women, the total population was 754 people. On the territory of the village there were two mills, a church, six trading and one drinking establishments.

In 1914, 1613 people lived in the village, Shilnikov's pasta factory, the shop of the Ussuri Railway Employees' Consumer Society , and 10 Chinese manufacturing shops operated. Large fairs were held several times a year .

The October Revolution was bloodless. On March 9, 1918, the general gathering of the inhabitants of the village accepted the Soviet government as more just and meeting people's requirements. But the peaceful course of events was interrupted by the outbreak of the Civil War. Detachments of the Red Guard , partisan detachments were created in the region. The most famous among the commanders of partisan detachments was Gavriil Matveyevich Shevchenko, who was called by the people the "Far Eastern Chapai" /Дальневосточныq Чапай/. For his head, the Japanese put a ten thousand rubles in gold bounty on him. The Grodekovsky Front , created to protect against the White Cossacks, entered the history of the Civil War. In memory of the events of those days, a bust of Gavriil Matveyevich Shevchenko was erectedin the same park. From 1920 to July 1921, Grodekovo was the capital of the Ussuri Cossack army of General Yu. A. Savitsky.​
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