siberia expedition watch fob

  1. 52th Infantry Regiment Siberia Expedition Commemorative Watch Fob/歩兵第五十二連隊 シベリア出征紀念章

    Size 23 mm. Reverse シベリア - Siberia 出征記念 - Dispatch Commemorative 大正十一年 - 1922 歩兵第五十二連隊 - 52nd Infantry Regiment Case.
  2. 7th Infantry Regiment Siberia Expedition Commemorative Watch Fob/1922年西比利亞出征紀念章

    歩7.1 - 7th Infantry Regiment, 1st Batallion 西比利亞 - Siberia 出征紀念 - Expedition [departure for the front] Commemorative In the center of obverse Imperial Military Reservist Association emblem
  3. Pogranichny Defense Commemorative Watch Fob/大正十年ポクラニーチナヤ守備記念章

    Height 29 mm. Width 22.5 mm. Thickness 2.2 mm. Weight 7.1 g. Reverse ポクラニーチナヤ守備記念 - Pogranichny [Pokuranīchinaya] Defense Commemorative 大正十年 - 1921 The history of Pogranichny /Пограничный/ village begins in 1898, when the Grodekovo station was founded on the CER and the village of...
  4. 1918-1919 In Memory of Fallen Soldiers Mie Prefecture Iinan District Shinbukai Watch Fob/大正七八年三重縣飯南郡振武會戦没記念章

    Watch fob from Hannan District of Mie Prefecture. 大正七八年 - 1918-1919 戦没記念 - In Memory of Fallen Soldiers [Death in Battle; Killed in Action]
  5. 1919 Siberia Expedition Watch Fob for Excellence in Competition/大正八年競技優等於西比利亜章

    大正八年 - 1919 於西比利亜 - in Siberia 競技優等 - Excellence in Competition