siberia expedition japanese award

  1. 2nd class Rising Sun order awarded in 1920 to Major General Funabashi Yoshizo

    Major General Funabashi Yoshizo bio His 3rd class Sacred Treasure His 4th class Golden Kite order...
  2. Japanese Private 1st Class with Imperial Russian Excellent Shooting Badges during Siberian Expedition

    Amazing photo. It was made somewhere around 1920-1921 in Spasskaya [Village, Primorsky Krai] Seko Photo Studio /スパスカヤ 瀬古写真館/.
  3. Pogranichny Defense Commemorative Watch Fob/大正十年ポクラニーチナヤ守備記念章

    Height 29 mm. Width 22.5 mm. Thickness 2.2 mm. Weight 7.1 g. Reverse ポクラニーチナヤ守備記念 - Pogranichny [Pokuranīchinaya] Defense Commemorative 大正十年 - 1921 The history of Pogranichny /Пограничный/ village begins in 1898, when the Grodekovo station was founded on the CER and the village of...
  4. 1918-1919 In Memory of Fallen Soldiers Mie Prefecture Iinan District Shinbukai Watch Fob/大正七八年三重縣飯南郡振武會戦没記念章

    Watch fob from Hannan District of Mie Prefecture. 大正七八年 - 1918-1919 戦没記念 - In Memory of Fallen Soldiers [Death in Battle; Killed in Action]
  5. 1919 Siberia Expedition Watch Fob for Excellence in Competition/大正八年競技優等於西比利亜章

    大正八年 - 1919 於西比利亜 - in Siberia 競技優等 - Excellence in Competition
  6. Siberia Expedition Sake Cups and Urushi/西伯利亜出征盃

    Typical inscriptions on cups belonging to this group will be 西伯利亜 - Siberia 出征記念 - Dispatch Commemorative 西伯利亜 - Siberia 出征 - Dispatch 解隊記念 - Unit Disbanding Commemorative 西伯利亜出征 - Siberia Dispatch/Departure (for the front) 凱旋記念 - Triumphal Return Commemorative Flower...