Commemorative Badge for the "Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States" Society Visit to Japan in 1936

Interesting badge from 1936.

米国出征従軍老兵會.jpg 米国出征従軍老兵會2.jpg


昭和一 一. 四.二五 - April, 25, 1936

米国出征従軍老兵會 - Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Society

Visit of the delegation of the American Veterans of Foreign Wars to Japan in 1936 was headed by the VFW President, James E. Van Zandt, this was a reciprocal visit to recognize the Japanese visit to the USA the previous year.

役員招待紀念 - commemorative [badge] for invited officers/officials

米国出征従軍老兵會3.jpg 米国出征従軍老兵會4.jpg
Very rare series of photos of this visit.


Our badge.

Another exellent close-up.

Another example of cased badge.

昭和十一年四月二十五日 米国出征従軍老兵会役員招待記念.jpg

昭和十一年四月二十五日  米国出征従軍老兵会役員招待記念.jpg

昭和十一年四月二十五日米国出征従軍老兵会役員招待 記念.jpg
Only five years later ...

James E. Van Zandt in the process of returning his badge to the Japanese ambassador.


1941 Press Photo James Van Zandt sends back a medal to Japanese  envoy.jpg
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