japanese badge

  1. Imperial Military Reservist Association Commendation Badge/帝國在郷軍人會表彰章

    Specimen from the collection of Raymond LaBar. Photos courtesy of the owner. Obverse 表彰 - Commendation
  2. Hito Branch of Imperial Military Reservist Association Completion of Military Volunteer Training Badge/帝国在郷軍人會軍義請備習備了氷戸支部章

    Specimen from the collection of Raymond LaBar. Photos courtesy of the owner. Reverse 氷戸支部 - Hito Branch 軍義請備習備了- Military Volunteer Training Completed
  3. Imperial Military Reservist Association Lecturer Badge/帝国在郷軍人會講末補章

    Specimen from the collection of Raymond LaBar. Photos courtesy of the owner. In the center of the star 講 - Lecture 末補 - Supplementary
  4. 2600th Anniversary of the Japanese Empire Celebration Osaka Prefecture Badge/紀元二千六百年奉祝大阪府章

    Obverse 紀元二千六百年 - 2600th [Anniversary of the Japanese Empire] reverse 大阪府 - Osaka Prefecture Ribbon. 大阪府 - Osaka Prefecture
  5. Aichi Prefectural Union Youth League Imperial Award for Physical Education/愛知県連合青年団恩賜記念体育賞章

    Size 37 mm. Obverse 賞 - Award 青 - Youth reverse 恩賜記念体育賞 - Imperial Gift Commemorative Sports Award 愛知県連合青年團 - Aichi Prefectural Union Youth League Marked with Tanase Medal Works mark https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-and-medals-manufactured-by-the-s-tanase-medal-works.24130/...
  6. Kamiitabashi Village Youth League Badge/上板橋村青年団章

    Obverse Stylized 青 for 青年 - Youth reverse 上板橋村 - Kamiitabashi Village 青年團 - Youth League
  7. Ministry of Health and Welfare Public Welfare Officer's Badges/厚生省民生委員章

    1st variation. Obverse 民 for 民生 - Welfare reverse Maker's mark 厚生省 - Ministry of Health and Welfare
  8. Kyoto Navy Association Merit Badge/京都海軍義會有功章

    Obverse 京都海軍義會 - Kyoto Navy Association 有功章 - Merit Badge reverse Punched with No. 2599
  9. Tokyo Aircraft Manufacturing Company Badge/株式會社東京飛行機製作所章

    Reverse 林式會社 - Corporation 東京飛行機製作所 - Tokyo Aircraft Mfg. Co.,
  10. Meiji Era Ribboned Badge/明治期のリボン章

    Typical badge/medal from circa 1880s/1900s time period. Only 章 /badge/ in the center of obverse. Anything could be engraved on reverse.
  11. Original Japanese Aide-de-camp to the Emperor Badge

  12. 1938 National Spirit Mobilization Fire Fighting Union Convention Participation Badge/昭和十三年支那事変國民精神総動員強化火防組合大會葺合火防組合聯合分會参加章

    Size 31 x 23 mm. Obverse 誠 - Sincerity Reverse 支那事変 - China Incident 國民精神総動員 - National Spirit Mobilization 強化 - Strengthen 火防組合大會記念 - Fire Fighting Union Convention Commemorative 葺合火防組合 - Fukiai Fire Fighting Union 聯合分會 - Union Branch 参加章 - Participation Badge 昭和十三年 - 1938
  13. Kochi Prefecture Award Badges/高知県賞章

    Obverse 賞 - Award reverse 高知縣 - Kochi Prefecture Original case. 参等賞 - 3rd Class Award
  14. Yokohama City Education Merit Badge/横浜市教育効績章

    Obverse 教育 - Training; Education 効績章 - Merit Badge reverse 横浜市 - Yokohama City
  15. Jingū Service Foundation Badges/神宮奉斎会章

    Badges of similar design https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-of-japan-athletic-association.25145/ Jingūkyō /神宮教/ is a sect of Shinto that originated from Ise Grand Shrine, the Ise faith. While it was not included as one of the thirteen sects of prewar Shinto, it possessed characteristics of...
  16. 1st Kansai Student Equestrian Championship Tournament Badge/1938年第一回関西学生馬術 選手権大会章

    Suspension 第一回関西學生馬術選手権大會 - 1st Kansai Student Equestrian Championship Tournament 二五九八= 1938 Obverse 賞 - Award Reverse 第一回 - 1st 関西學生馬術 -Kansai Student Equestrian 選手権大會 - Championship Tournament 皇紀二五九八年= 1938 関西學生乗馬聯盟 - Kansai Student Equestrian Federation
  17. 3rd Equestrian Student Competition Badge/第三回馬術学生大会章

    Size 25 mm. Reverse 第三回 - 3rd 馬術學生大會 - Equestrian Student Competition 二五九八 - 1938
  18. 1932 Narashino Horse Riding Tournament Medal/昭和七年習志野乗馬大会章

    Reverse 習志野乗馬大會 - Narashino Horse Riding Tournament 昭和七年 - 1932
  19. Japanese Equestrian Club Badge/馬術部章

    Obverse 馬術部 - Equestrian Club Badge
  20. Greater Japan Civil Defense Association Nagano Prefecture Branch Merit Badge/大日本警防協会長野県支部功労章

    Obverse 功勞 - Merit reverse 大日本警防協會 - Dai Nippon [Greater Japan] Keibō Kyōkai [Civil Defense Association] 長野縣支部 - Nagano Prefecture Branch