1. Kiryu City Defense Corps Badge/昭和十一年九月桐生市防護団章

    Obverse 防 - Defense reverse 昭和十一年九月 - September 1936 桐生市防護團 - Kiryu City Defense Corps
  2. 1936 Hanshin Air Defense Maneuvers Tamade Youth League Participation Commemorative Badge/玉出青年團 阪神防空演習記念 参加章

    Obverse 防空 - Air Defense 参加章 - Participation Badge reverse 昭和十一年度 - 1936 阪神防空演習記念 - Hanshin Air Defense Maneuvers Commemorative 玉出青年團 - Tamade Youth League (about Youth League see https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-of-youth-league.22970/)
  3. 1936 Army Large Maneuvers in Hokkaido Commemorative Watch Fob/陸軍大演習記念章

    1st variation. Reverse 陸軍 - Army 大演習 - Large Maneuvers 昭和十一年 - 1936 Reverse also has map of Hokkaido, Original case. 大演習記念 - Large Maneuvers Commemorative
  4. Manchukuo Athletic Association Badges and Watch Fobs/大满洲帝國体育联盟章

    33 mm Reverse 大满洲帝國体育联盟 - Great Manchurian Empire Athletic Association 優勝 -Winner 康德三年 - 1936 九月二十二・二十三 -September 22・23 第五回满洲國体育大會 - 5th Manchukuo Athletic Tournament
  5. Manchukuo National Highway Bureau Construction Protection Commemorative Watch Fob/満州國國務院國道局 満州国国務院国 道局道建設掩護章

    Obverse 記念 - Commemoration reverse 平陽鎭二十一号間國道建設掩護 - Pingyangzhen No. 21 National Highway Construction Protection 昭和十一年 = 1936 康徳三年 = 1936 満州國國務院國道局 - Manchukuo National Highway Bureau, General Affairs State Council Original case. Made by Sato General Partnership Company, Fukuoka...
  6. Shiba Ward 1st Branch Air Defense Maneuvers Commemorative Badges/芝区一部分團 防空演習記念章

    Obverse In the red enamelled circle 防空 - Air Defense Vertically 昭和九年防空演習記念 - 1934 Air Defense Maneuvers Commemorative Horizontally 芝区壹壱ノ部分團 - Shiba Ward (Tokyo) 1st Branch Case. 防空記念 - Air Defense Commemorative Salty specimen.
  7. 1936 Kanagawa Air Defense Maneuvers Commemorative Badge/神奈川區防護團 防空演習記念章

    Reverse 神奈川區防護團 - Kanagawa Ward Air Raid Defense Corps 神奈川分團 - Kanagawa Branch 昭和十一年度 - 1936 防空演習記念 - Air Defense Maneuvers Commemorative
  8. Commemorative Badge for the "Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States" Society Visit to Japan in 1936

    Interesting badge from 1936. Reverse 昭和一 一. 四.二五 - April, 25, 1936 米国出征従軍老兵會 - Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Society https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veterans_of_Foreign_Wars Visit of the delegation of the American Veterans of Foreign Wars to Japan in 1936 was headed by the...