wound badge

  1. Badges of Toyonaka City of Disabled Veterans Association/日本傷痍軍人会 豊中市支部章

    Obverse 優功 - Superior Merits/Excellent Performance reverse 豊中市 - Toyonaka City https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyonaka 傷痍軍人会 - Disabled Veterans Association Original case. 記念 - Commemorative 豊中市 - Toyonaka City 傷痍軍人会 - Disabled Veterans Association
  2. Uchide no Kozuchi "Magic hammer" in Commemoration of 42nd Anniversary of Disabled Veterans Wifes Association

    Interesting commemorative porcelain piece. Measures about 10 cm long and weighs about 140 grams. 42nd National War Wound Association General Meeting in Matsuyama. 24th National War Wound Association Wives. General Meeting, September 19, 1986.
  3. Disabled Veterans Wifes Association Membership Badge/傷痍軍人妻の会徽章

    Several variations of membership badge are known. Approximate size 19-20 mm. 1st variation.
  4. Wound Badge of 2nd Independent Garrison Infantry Battalion/満州事変 独歩二 戦傷記念章

    Obverse. Emblem of Independent Garrison Units. 戦傷 - Wounded in Action Reverse. 満州事變 - Manchurian Incident 戦傷記念 - War Wound Commemorative 獨歩二 - 2nd Independent Garrison Infantry [Batallion] Side view. Case (could be original).
  5. Memorial Ceremony Special Merit Badges of Japan Disabled Veterans Association/日本傷痍軍人会 特別功労章

    Reverse 平成15年記念式典 - 2003 Memorial Ceremony 特別功労章 - Special Merit Badge (財)日本傷痍軍人会 - Japan Disabled Veterans Association
  6. Disabled Veteran Identification Badge from 1909/帝國廢兵授産會 廃兵証明章

    30mm Suspension 帝國廢兵授産會 - Imperial Disabled Veterans Sheltered Employment Association Obverse 廃兵証明 -Disabled Soldier Proof [証明 - proof; verification; certification] Reverse 非廃兵佩用嚴禁 - Forbidden to Use by Non-Disabled Veterans 明治四十二年一月旋行 - January 1909 Trip [travel, journey]
  7. Hyogo Prefecture Disabled Veterans Association Badges/兵庫県廢兵聯合會章

    Reverse 兵庫県廢兵聯合會 - Hyogo Prefecture Disabled Veterans Association 會員章 - Member Badge Original case.
  8. National Disabled Veterans Association Member's Badge/全国廢兵聯合会会員章

    Obverse 志 - Will; Aspire reverse 全國廢兵聯合會 - National Disabled Veterans Association 會員章 - Member's Badge
  9. Wounded Soldiers Patronage Badge of Nakajima Aircraft Company Ota Plant/中島飛行機太田製作所 傷痍軍人保護章

    Wounded Soldier Badge of Nakajima Aircraft Company https://asiamedals.info/threads/wounded-soldier-badge-from-nakajima-aircraft-company-ota-plant.23367/ Other badges of Nakajima Aircraft Company...
  10. Imperial Wounded Soldiers Association 20th Anniversary Commemorative Badge/帝國傷痍軍人會 二十周年記念章

    Obverse 謝恩参抂 - Thank you for Participation/Visiting 帝國傷痍軍人會 - Imperial Wounded Soldiers Association 二十周年記念 - 20th Anniversary Commemorative Case. Made by H.K.D. workshop in Osaka https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-and-watch-fobs-made-by-h-k-d-workshop.22291/
  11. Nakajima Aircraft Company: Badges, Hat Badges and Other Artifacts

    Short history of the company https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakajima_Aircraft_Company Cockade/Hat Badge. Size 35 mm. Red paint variation. Silver coin inside.
  12. Japanese Wound Badge in Photos

    Isoroku Yamamoto in the process of getting his 1938 wound badge (replacement for his early badge issued for the wound received during Russo-Japanese War).