photos of japanese officers

  1. Lieutenant General Nobutaro Umezaki/梅崎延太郎陸軍中将

    Rare combination of awards. Two Korean orders with Chinese Striped Tiger in between + Swedish Royal Order of the Sword. Nobutaro Umezaki /梅崎延太郎/ (July 13, 1880 - April 24, 1964) graduated from the 12th class of the Military Academy and the 22nd class of the Army War College. Ranks...
  2. Japanese Soldiers with Captured Enemy Flags

    "敵陣にて我軍が奪取した青天白日旗 - Blue sky white sun flag captured by our army in the enemy camp".
  3. Japanese Officers and Civil Officials with Protectorate of Annam Awards

    Setsuo Nakase /中瀨拙夫/ (June 10, 1884 – March 19, 1969) member of the House of Representatives and government official of Taiwan /Formosa/ wearing Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam.
  4. Lieutenant General Yasumitsu Kin'ichi/安満欽一 陸軍中将

    Kin'ichi Yasumitsu (April 2, 1871 - October 24, 1960) was born in Saga prefecture. Eldest son of Army Major Nobuyoshi Yasumitsu. After graduating from Tokyo Prefectural Junior High School, he graduated from the Military Academy (6th class) in February 1895. In May of the same year he was...
  5. Pillars of the State on Cavaliers

    Rare photo of Manchukuo prison service officer (chief warden) with 7th class order of the Pillar of the States. See also
  6. Lieutenant General Senba Taró/仙波太郎 陸軍中将

    Taro Senba (June 5, 1855 -February 19, 1929). Ranks 02/01/1879 Lieutenant 28.02.1883 lieutenant 26.05.1886 captain 28.04.1893 major 10.05.1895 Lieutenant Colonel 11.10.1897 Colonel 02.07.1903 Major General 30.11.1910 Lieutenant General 01.02.1879-DD.MM.YYYY 8th Infantry Regiment...
  7. Photos with Japanese Commanding Officer's Badges

    Major-General Harukazu Tamika with Shoukan badge. Close-up.
  8. General Ōsako Naomichi/大迫尚道 陸軍中将

    Ōsako Naomichi (大迫尚道, 6 September 1854 – 12 September 1934) was a general in the early Imperial Japanese Army. He was the younger brother of General Ōsako Naoharu. Ōsako was born to a samurai family in Satsuma Domain (present day Kagoshima Prefecture). He joined the fledgling Imperial Japanese...
  9. Lieutenant General Tōji Yasui/安井藤治 陸軍中将

    Yasui, Tōji/安井藤治 (やすい とうじ) * 1st of October 1885 † 8th of July 1970 Promotions 1925-08-07 Lieutenant-Colonel 1929-08-01 Colonel 1934-03-05 Major-General 1937-08-02 Lieutenant-General Service 1926-10-01 – 1929-08-01 Senior Staff Officer, Mobilization Branch, Econmic...
  10. Lieutenant General Takeo Hori/ 堀丈夫 陸軍中将 He tied up his Kite In addition to the commandeur badge of Légion d'honneur he is wearing dannish Dannebrogordenen.
  11. Rear Admiral Shin Arakawa/荒川信 海軍少将

    His awards Rear Amiral Arakawa, Shin 1890. 2.12 born 1912. 7.17 P/MID Pay.Academy B-Course 1912.12.14 Crew, Kashima 1913.12. 1 P/SUBLT 1914. 3.20...
  12. Lieutenant-General Deno Mai/舞伝男 陸軍中将 1935 while commanding officer of 9th infantry regiment.
  13. Admiral Yashiro Rokurō/八代 六郎 海軍大将 Famous photo. But rarely you are able to examine all those tiny little details. 2nd class Order of St. Anna for Non-Christians (Imperial Russia) received on July 31,1899. 2ns class (Commander) Order of the Zähringer Lion with oak leaf (Grand...
  14. Lieutenant-General Kodama Tomō/児玉友雄 陸軍中将 As 16th Division Commander. Impressive two-row medals bar. French Legion, British Distinguished Service Order. In full dress. Details.
  15. Admiral Togo Heihachiro/東郷平八郎 海軍大将

    Marshal-Admiral Marquis Tōgō Heihachirō (東郷 平八郎, 27 January 1848 – 30 May 1934), served as a gensui or admiral of the fleet in the Imperial Japanese Navy and became one of Japan's greatest naval heroes. As Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–1905, he...
  16. Badges of Imperial Military Reservist Association on Cavaliers

  17. "May Wear Both Classes of Order of Golden Kite Simultaneously": Two Kites on One Man Chest

    "Those who have received the Order of the Golden Kite, and again received a higher grade, may wear both" Imperial Edict No. 726 of June 28, 1941 “Those who have received the Order of the Golden Kite, and again received the same grade, shall wear both” Imperial Edict No. 657 of September 26...