Admiral Yashiro Rokurō/八代 六郎 海軍大将

Famous photo.

Admiral Yashiro Rokurō八代 六郎 海軍大将.jpg

But rarely you are able to examine all those tiny little details.

2nd class Order of St. Anna for Non-Christians (Imperial Russia) received on July 31,1899.
2ns class (Commander) Order of the Zähringer Lion with oak leaf (Grand Duke of Baden) received on December 20,1905.


3rd class Golden Kite and 3rd class Rising Sun orders received on April 1, 1906.

French Legion was received on May 31, 1901.
Erinnerungsmedaille für 1906 (Grand Duke of Baden) received on September 20, 1906.
This commemorative medal was awarded on the occasion of golden wedding jubilee of the Grand Duke on September 20, 1906.
303 medals were minted. 298 were awarded.

1st class Prussian Order of the Red Eagle was received on January 22, 1913

2nd class of Sacred Treasure Order received on November 28, 1910.
He will receive 1st class on December 23, 1914.
That`s why this photo was taken sometime between January 22, 1913 and December 23, 1914.

Same set of awards on different day.
Only the breast star of Sacred Treasure fixed much higher.

Admiral Yashiro Rokurō 八代 六郎4.jpg
71L9sSbgPiL —.jpg
Interesting photo with 1st class Sacred Treasure Order.

Yashiro Rokurō 八代 六郎,.jpg

All russian and german decorations are "lost".
Instead Baden medal we observe two awards from Japanese Red Cross Society.

He is clearly violating the rules of wearing: 1904–05 Russo-Japanese War Medal, 1894–95 Sino-Japanese War Medal, 1900 Boxer War Medal.
The correct order: 1894–95 Sino-Japanese War Medal, 1900 Boxer War Medal, 1904–05 Russo-Japanese War Medal.

Very rare photo.

Yashiro Rokurō 八代 六郎,2.jpg

He is wearing

5th class Golden Kite received on November 18, 1895.
5th class Sacred Tresure order received on November 24, 1898
6th class Rising Sun order received on November 18, 1895.
3rd class St. Anna Order for Non-Christians received on November 11, 1898
1894–95 Sino-Japanese War Medal

On the neck he has recently received (on July 31,1899) 2nd class order of St. Anna for Non-Christians.

Two classes of the very same Imperial Russian order - that`s a rare sight!
Rare photo of the Admiral.
Note how interesting (in "bouquet" style) he is wearing 2nd class Russian St. Anna order, order of the Zähringer Lion, Prussian Red Eagle order and 3rd class Sacred Treasure and Rising Sun orders.

Admiral Yashiro Rokurō.jpg

Spectacular way of wearing but it could be quite dangerous for the enamel.
No wonder that St.Anna soon lost enamel from two rays and one grille.

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