орден святого александра невского с бриллиантами

  1. St.Alexander Nevsky Order with Diamonds for Non-Christians made by Dmitry Osipov workshop /ДО/

    Very rare set issued from Imperial Cabinet /Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty was an institution that was in charge of the personal property of the Russian Imperial family and dealt with some other issues in 1704–1917/. Between 1881 and 1917 nine diamond sets were awarded to Japanese subjects...
  2. Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky with Diamonds awarded in 1895 to Minister of Foreign Affairs of the French Republic Gabriel Hanotaux

    Awarded on October 13, 1895 to Gabriel Hanotaux for his participation in the success of the Franco-Russian alliance. Gold, silver, enamel, diamonds.
  3. Order of St. Alexander Nevsky with diamonds awarded to Paul Deschanel in 1901

    Gold, silver, enamel, diamonds (about 340 old cut diamonds and diamond roses with a total weight of about 3.8 ct.). Size 57.3 x 52.3 mm. Weight 49.4 g. Marked on the loop with gold hallmark "56" from 1899-1904 time period [kokoshnik to the left +assayer’s mark "ЯЛ" for Yakov Lyapunov] and...
  4. Order of St. Alexander Nevsky breast star with diamonds from Helsinki City Museum collection

    Silver, gold, brilliants, enamel.
  5. Privately Commissioned Breast Stars of Saint Alexander Nevsky with Diamonds

    Such breast star were privately commissioned in order to replace original diamond encrusted breast stars that oftenly were “turned into money” by awardees. Silver, glass, base metal, enamel. Size 85x85 mm. Weight 87.9 g. Unmarked with screw fastening. Collection of State Historical Museum...
  6. Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky with Diamonds from the Hermitage collection

    Gold, silver, enamel, rhinestones, glass. Size 88 (including ribbon loop) x 54 mm.
  7. Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky with Diamonds of King of the Hawaiian Islands Kalākaua

    About the cavalier and his other awards see https://asiamedals.info/threads/order-of-chrysanthemum-and-other-awards-of-king-of-the-hawaiian-islands-kalakaua.23099/ In 1883, King Kalakaua bestowed the Royal Order of Kamehameha I Knight's Grand Cross upon Czar Alexander III. The following year, a...
  8. Fake Orders of St. Alexander Nevsky with Diamonds in the collection of Moscow Kremlin Museums

    Modern made fake is an unusual object for such an authoritative collection. To put it mildly. So how this "relic" managed to find its way into collection of Moscow Kremlin Museums?! The only original part is the central painted medallion. It was taken from the original badge without...
  9. Order of St. Alexander Nevsky with diamonds from the collection of Russian Diamond Fund

    One of the most famous badges of the order of St. Alexander Nevsky. Famous but rarely seen in quality (if ever). Details.
  10. Order of St. Alexander Nevsky with diamonds from Hillwood collection

    Nice specimen. Gold, silver, enamel, diamonds Reverse of the pin bears number 82. Size 98 mm.
  11. Order of St. Alexander Nevsky with diamonds from Carl Blank workshop

    Badge marked with St. Petersburg gold assay mark 56 and CB mark for Carl Blank/Karl Blank workshop. Height 85 mm. Length 53 mm Weight 45.8 g. Breast star in unmarked gold. Numbered 107 on the other side of pin. Diameter 87 mm. Wright 125.8 g. Case and sash.
  12. Order of St. Alexander Nevsky with diamonds from Lviv National Museum

    Badge. Breast star.