marked japanese medal

  1. Dark Blue Ribbon Medals of Honor marked N

    About mark N Dark Blue Ribbon medal marked N awarded on January 28, 1930. Medal bar of secondary awarding.
  2. Orders of Golden Kite with mark ナ

    About mark ナ Mark.
  3. Orders of Golden Kite with mark ヒ

    About mark ヒ All known Japanese orders with mark ヒ Classical 7th class Golden Kite order marked with ヒ. Photos...
  4. Orders of Sacred Treasure with mark 美 /made by Shobido workshop/

    About Shobido workshop 1st class full set. Breast star. Original case.
  5. Mark 美 on Japanese Orders: Who and When

    Many Japanese orders of Rising Sun and Sacred Treasure from 1900-1929 time period bear this mark. This is kanji 美 - Beauty (reads as bi) Derived from 尚美堂- Shobidō (Shōbitō) jewelry firm that was founded in 1900 at Yodoyabashi, central of Osaka City by Eikichiro Eto. Workshop specialized...
  6. Orders of the Rising Sun with mark ヒ

    About mark ヒ All known Japanese orders with mark ヒ 8th class. Case. Another example.
  7. Orders of the Sacred Treasure with mark 大

    3rd class. Unusual placing of the mark.
  8. Mark S: Who and When

    This is the second mark of Shobido workshop. First mark of Shobido workshop 美 Currently only two medals marked with S are known. The first will be Showa Enthronement Commemorative Medal from 1928. The mark S can be...
  9. Orders of the Sacred Treasure with mark ヒ

    1st class marked ヒ. Marks.
  10. Sacred Treasure Orders with mark 幣

    8th class. Another one. All look practically identical. Women's version. 7th class.
  11. Mark 幣 on Japanese Order: Who and When

    Only sacred treasures orders were found with this mark to date. 幣 reads as nusa (kan) or hei (kan-on). Translates as money; coins; currency. Most likely from 造幣局 - Zōheikyoku/Mint 造 - make 幣 - money 局 - bureau The empirically proven time period when orders with this mark was awarded is...
  12. Mark N on Japanese Orders and Medals: Who and When

    Mark N could be found on Sacred Treasure Orders, Showa-28 and Honor medals. N stands for Nippon / 日本 In turn 日本 stands for 日本勲章製作株式会社 日本 - Japan 勲章 - Medal 製作 - Manufacturing 株式会社 - Corporation Japan Medal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established on October 17, 1928. The registered...
  13. Two-letter and letter-digit Marks on Japanese Orders and Medals

    Japan Mint started to use these marks in 1979. The following (constantly updated) table includes all currently known time coordinates for these marks. AC - June 28, 1979 AB - November 28, 1979 BA - February 27, 1980 AJ - April 26, 1980 AL - April 29, 1980 AL - May 28, 1980 BC - May 28...