manchukuo badge

  1. 1935 Manchukuo Imperial Diplomatic Mission in Japan Welcoming Association Commemorative Watch Fob/康徳二年四月八日駐日満州帝国公使館奉迎會紀念章

    Reverse 康徳二年四月八日 - April 8th, 1935 奉迎會紀念 - Welcoming Association Commemorative 駐日満州帝國公使館 - Manchukuo Imperial Diplomatic Mission [Legation] in Japan
  2. Banzai to the Great Manchuria Country Badge/大滿洲共和国萬歳章

    Interesting badge from the early days of Manchukuo. Note that instead of an official name 大滿洲國/Dà Mǎnzhōuguó (that was used between 1932 and 1934) 共和國/Dà Mǎnzhōu kyōwa koku is used. Obverse 萬歳 - Banzai reverse 大滿洲 - Dà Mǎnzhōu /Great Manchuria/ 共和國 - Country/Republic = compound of 共和...
  3. Jilin Province Suppression of Bandits Commemorative Cufflinks/吉林討匪記念カフス釦 

    Silver cufflinks in the form of a helmet. Circa 1935. 吉林討匪記念 - Jilin Province Suppression of Bandits Commemorative Marked with 銀純 - pure silver.
  4. Tokyo City Air Defense Union Visit to Manchukuo Commemoration Badge/1937年東京市連合防護団満州視察記念章

    Silver, gilt, enamel. Size 50.2 x 30 mm. Obverse Tokyo city emblem with an army star. reverse 満州視察記念章 - Visit to Manchukuo Commemoration Badge 東京市聯合防護團 - Tokyo City Air Defense Corp /Bogodan/ Union 昭和十二年五月七日 - May 7, 1937 Suspension and badge marked with 銀純 - pure silver. Details...
  5. 1936 Andong Province Chamber of Commerce Diligence Award Watch Fob/康德三年二月安東縣公署安東總商會賢勞章

    Specimen from the collection of Raymond LaBar. Photos courtesy of the owner. Reverse 賢勞 - Diligent 康德三年二月 - February 1936 安東縣公署 - Andong Province /Andong or Liaodong, was a former province in Northeast China, located in what is now part of Liaoning and Jilin provinces/ Government Office...
  6. Katano Unit Manchukuo Service Commemorative Watch Fob/片野部隊在営記念章

    See also Size 37 mm. Weight 23.4 g. Obverse Railway map near Haicheng /海城/ city area /a county-level city in central Liaoning Province/. Note the emblem of independent garrison unit on the...
  7. Fushun Juukenjutsu Association Championship Badge/銃剣術撫順分会銃剣術優勝牌

    Obverse 銃剣術優勝牌 - Juukenjutsu [bayonet drill] Championship Badge 撫順分會 - Fushun /Liaoning province in 1932–45 was part of the Manchukuo/ Branch of Association Obviously badge was designed after Japanese Army swordsmanship proficiency badge.
  8. Manchurian Group Preparation Commemorative Watch Fob/満州団備記念章

    Size 27 mm. Weight 11.71 g. Obverse 満州団 - Manchurian Group/Team 備記念 - Preparation/Equipping Commemorative
  9. Manchurian Incident KIA Commemorative Badges
  10. 1936 Subjugation of Bandits Commemorative Watch Fob/昭和拾壹年匪賊討伐從軍記念討匪記念章

    Obverse 討匪記念 - Suppression of Bandits reverse 昭和拾壹年 - 1936 匪賊討伐 - Subjugation of Bandits 從軍記念 - Serving in the Army Commemorative
  11. 1933 Tieling City Manchurian Incident Security Commemorative Incident Commemorative Watch Fob/1933年満州事変警備記念鐵嶺事局後援会章

    Size 45.5×34.5 mm. Weight 26 g. Obverse 義勇 - Heroism, Loyalty and Courage reverse 満州事変警備記念 - Manchurian Incident Security Commemorative 鐵嶺事局後援會 - Tieling (a prefecture-level city in Liaoning) Incident Affairs Bureau Supporter's Association 昭和八年 - 1933
  12. Hsinking Shikishima Girl’s High School Badge/新京敷島高等女学校章

    Obverse Emblem of the Hsinking Shikishima Women’s High School reverse 新京敷島 - Hsinking /capital of the Manchukuo; renamed from Changchun by the Japanese) Shikishima 高等女学校 - Girls’s High School Mark 純銀 - pure silver. Case. Label of Hattori workshop.
  13. 1936 Guarding Service Commemorative in Holmozin Fortress Commemorative Watch Fob/昭和十一年黒河省霍爾莫津警備記念章

    Size 38 mm. Obverse 記念 - Commemorative Reverse 昭和十一年 - 1936 自三月 - From March 至五月- Until May 黒河省霍爾莫津 - Heihe Province, Holmozin [Holmozin Fortress, also known as Shengshan Fortress, was a huge military base established by the Japanese Frontier Guard in the northeast of China after the...
  14. Aide-de-camp (Chamberlain) to the Emperor of Manchukuo Badge

    Established on November 28, 1932. Original line drawings and description.
  15. 1941 Mudanjiang No. 668 Unit Engineer Training Faculty Member Watch Fob/1941年牡丹江第六六八部隊機関員教育隊章

    Reverse 二六〇一年 - 1941 牡丹江第六六八部隊 - Mudanjiang No. 668 Unit 機関員教育隊 - Engineer Training Faculty Member
  16. Manchukuo Army Pilot Badge/滿洲國陸軍飛行機操縱術修得徽章

    Manchukuo Army Airplane Piloting Mastery Badge /滿洲國陸軍飛行機操縱術修得徽章/ was established by Army ordinance No.1 /軍分第一號/ on March 30, 1940 /康德七年三月三十日/. Ordinance came into effect on April 1, 1940. Original line drawings and description. Reverse inscribed 滿洲國陸軍飛行機 - Manchukuo Army Airplane...
  17. 74th Infantry Regiment Jiandao Dispatch Commemorative Watch Fob/和昭七八年歩兵第七十四連隊間島出兵記念章

    See also ; Reverse 和昭七八年 - 1932-1933 間島出兵記念 - Jiandao Dispatch...
  18. 1937 Sakin Unit Bandits Subjugation Commemorative Watch Fob/昭和十二年砂金部隊討伐記念章

    Reverse 昭和十二年 -1937 討伐記念 - [Bandits] Subjugation Commemorative 砂金部隊 - Sakin [lit. gold dust] Unit
  19. 1939 Anzu Unit Okazaki Squad Suppression of Bandits Commemorative Watch Fob/1939年杏部隊岡崎隊討伐記念章

    Watch fob in the form of "V" for Victory. Obverse 討匪 - Suppression of Bandits reverse 2599 - 1939 討伐記念 - Subjugation Commemorative 杏部隊岡崎隊 - Anzu Unit Okazaki Squad
  20. Tsurumi Detachment Dūnníng Road Extension Commemorative Watch Fob/鶴見支隊敦甯道拓進記念章

    Private collection. Photos courtesy of the owner. Reverse 鶴見支隊敦甯道拓進記念 - Tsurumi Detachment Dūnníng Road Extension Commemorative * Tricky kanji 甯 = 寧 = 宁 自七・五・一〇 - from May 10, 1932 至七・七・一〇 - until July 10, 1932 Three places that are shown on the map. 甯安 = 宁安市 - Ning’An City...