japanese kendo watch fob

  1. Nakamura Dojo Kobukan Branch Watch Fob/中村道場弘武舘支部章

    Specimen from the collection of Raymond LaBar. Photos courtesy of the owner. Obverse 剣 - Kendo reverse 弘武舘支部 - Kobukan Branch 中村道場 - Nakamura Dojo (hall used for martial arts training)
  2. Meiji Junior High School Kendo Club Watch Fob/明治中学剣道部章

    Watch fob of excellent quality and design. Reverse 明治中學 - Meiji Junior High School 剣道部 - Kendo Club 二五九三 - 1933 Watch fob was made by Mikuni (lit. Three Kingdoms) Medals /三國メダル/ workshop.
  3. Toyo University 1929 Kendo Tournament Watch Fob/昭和四年仲秋東洋大学剣道大会章

    Beautifully designed badge in form of the tsuba. Obverse 剣 for 剣道 - Kendo reverse 東洋大学剣道大會 - Toyo University Kendo Tournament 昭和四年仲秋 - Mid-Autumn 1929 Original case.
  4. Post Office Life Insurance Bureau Kendo Club Watch Fob/簡易保險局剣道部章

    剣 for 剣道 - Kendo Original case. 剣道部 - Kendo Club 簡易保險局 - Simple and Easy Life Insurance Bureau /Post Office Life Insurance Bureau/ Watch fob was made by Yamato Medals https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-medals-and-watch-fobs-made-by-yamato-medals-yamato-kisho-shokai-yamato.22461/