japanese awards and decorations

  1. Green Ribbon Medal of Honour awarded in 1897

    Awarded on October 26, 1897. Reverse engraved 木村半兵衛 - Kimura Hanbei Original case.
  2. 7th class Golden Kite order awarded in 1906 to Army 1st Class Artilleryman Hashimoto Yoshizō for the Russo-Japanese War

    Not that common variation of 7th class Golden Kite order. Golden Kite order No. 10 112 awarded on April 1, 1906 to 砲兵一等橋本好造 - 1st Class Artilleryman Hashimoto Yoshizō.
  3. 3rd Class Golden Kite orders from the Meiji Era/明治時代功三級金鵄勲章

    3rd class orders of this type were awarded between 1895 and the 1910s. Standard geometry of Kite that is typical for all such 3rd class badges. Silver, gilt, enamel. Size 56 mm. Original neck ribbon (miniature rosette was added to the set after 1936). Original case.
  4. 5th class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1902 to Captain 1st Rank Vladimir Ivanovich Dmitriev

    https://asiamedals.info/threads/medal-bar-of-captain-1st-rank-vladimir-ivanovich-dmitriev.27955/ Silver, gilt, enamel. Size 48.1 x 44.4 mm.
  5. 1st class Order of the Rising Sun awarded to General Colin Powell in 1991

    Interesting awarding. Case size 250 x 130 x 70 mm. Awarded on November 15, 1991. Rising Sun order No. 10 806 awarded to a foreigner.
  6. 3rd class Rising Sun order awarded in 1883 to the French Lieutenant Colonel Liechtenstein

    Awarded on June 15, 1883 to Lieutenant Colonel Liechtenstein /土官中佐 リシュタンステインヲ/. Rising Sun order No. 458. Original document with official translation into French.
  7. 1st class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1945 of Vice Admiral Ryūnosuke Kusaka

    Judging by the type of document and variation of the order both were issued somewhere around early 1960s. Formally awarded on May 17, 1945. Sacred Treasure No. 137 540 (in after war restarted numbering). Emperor Hirohito signature.
  8. 7th Class Orders of the Precious Crown/勲七等宝冠章

    Orders from Meiji/Taisho era. Silver, gilt, enamel. Size 45 x 37 mm. Original case. 勲七等宝冠章 - 7th class Precious Crown order in seal script.
  9. 3rd class Rising Sun order awarded in 1940 to Kazunari Funabashi

    Classical full set awarded on April 29, 1940 (standard date for China Incident awards). Full and reduced ribbons. Button rosette. Case has silver kanji https://asiamedals.info/threads/silver-kanji-vs-gold-kanji-lettering-on-the-lids-of-the-japanese-order-cases.26112 Original...
  10. Classroom Demonstration Set of Japanese Orders

    Set of replicas that could be created for use in Japanese schools.
  11. 5th class Rising Sun order awarded in 1970

    Exemplary full set.
  12. Awards Documents of Vice Admiral Baron Yuzuru Hiraga

    Vice Admiral Baron Yuzuru Hiraga /平賀 譲; March 8, 1878 – February 17, 1943/ was a career naval officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy, Doctor of Engineering and head of the engineering school of Tokyo Imperial University and a leading Japanese naval architect in the 1910s and 1920s, responsible...
  13. 1st class Rising Sun order document issued in 1904 to Jose Bataria de Freitas

    Rare 1st class document signed by Emperor Meiji and issued to a foreigner. Size 56 x 48 mm. Weight 106 g. Awarded on April 16, 1904 to Jose Bataria de Freitas /ジョゼバタリアデフレイタス/. Rising Sun order No. 2 820 issued to a foreigner. Emperor Meiji signature. Great Seal of Japan.
  14. Grand Cordon of the Order of the Chrysanthemum from Showa Epoch

    Interesting set from Showa era. Made after 1933 by Mint. See for comparison https://asiamedals.info/threads/orders-of-the-chrysanthemum-with-mark-m.11620/ Case dimensions 158 x 288 x 88 mm. Silver, gilt, enamel. Size 76.21 x 109 mm Weight 93.0 g. Unmarked. Details.
  15. Order of Rising Sun of Unusual Work made by an Unknown Workshop

    Badge of interesting work. Could be European. Silver, enamel. Size 11 x 8 mm.
  16. 3rd class Order of the Sacred Treasure awarded in 1919 to Paymaster Rear Admiral Frederick Arthur Frith Banbury

    3rd class Sacred Treasure order from the collection of National Maritime Museum. Banbury's medal bar. He was a staff paymaster serving on HMS Minerva in the Mediterranean at the time of the Messina earthquake in December 1908. He was awarded with Italian medal and order on 16 March 1911. He...
  17. Period Replacement Ribbons of Japanese Orders and Medals

    When your award ribbons start to look like this it's time to freshen them up.
  18. Comparative analysis of three Sacred Treasure Orders with mark ナ

    Three sacred treasures with mark ナ.
  19. Orders of Golden Kite with mark ナ

    About mark ナ https://asiamedals.info/threads/mark-na-on-japanese-orders-and-medals-when-and-who.25149/ Mark.
  20. 3rd class Rising Sun order awarded in 1979 to Mexican Diplomat Carlos Antonio Bado López

    Awarded on April 24, 1979. Rising Sun order No. 9 822 issued to a foreigner. Typical neck badge from late 1970s/early 1980s.