japanese army cufflinks

  1. Nomonhan Incident Commemorative Cufflinks/ノモンハン記念カフスボタン

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-and-watch-fobs-of-nomonhan-incident-battle-of-khalkhin-gol-nomonhan.18535/ Size 18 mm. ノモンハン記念 - Nomonhan Commemorative 信春作 - Made by Nobuharu Original case. Inscribed 頒恩賜 – Imperial Gift Distribution (a souvenir that a person who...
  2. China Incident 4th Sasebo Special Naval Landing Force Dispatch Commemorative Cufflinks/支那事変佐鎮四特陸出征記念カフスボタン

    支那事變 - China Incident 出征記念 -Dispatch Commemorative Marked "950" silver and Hattori workshop mark "Marlet" https://asiamedals.info/threads/history-labels-i-marks-of-hattori-watch-shop-tokyo.19361/ 佐鎮四特陸 - Sasebo 4th Special Naval Landing Force Original case.
  3. Japanese Imperial Army Cufflinks/大日本帝國陸軍カフスボタン

  4. 1935 Army Special Large Maneuvers Imperial Guard Commemorative Cufflinks/鹿児島県宮崎県陸軍特別大演習御警衛記念カフスボタン

    In the form of tsuba with added police emblem. 昭和十年 - 1935 陸軍特別大演習御警衛記念 - Army Special Large Maneuvers Imperial Guard/Escort Commemorative 鹿児島縣 - Kagoshima Prefecture 宮崎縣 - Miyazaki Prefecture Marked 純銀 - pure silver.
  5. North China Army Operation Management Сommemorative Cufflinks/軍管理運営記念北支軍カフスボタン

    Height 20 mm, width about 15 mm. 軍管理運営記念 - Army Management Operation Commemoration 北支軍 - North China Army Mark in the form of paulownia leaf.
  6. 1932 Manchurian Incident Disabled Veterans Association Patriotic Movement Cufflinks/愛國運動満州事變傷痍軍人会カフスボタン

    Obverse 愛國運動 - Patriotic Movement reverse 昭和七年三月一日 - March 1, 1932 満州事變 - Manchurian Incident 傷痍軍人会會 - Disabled Veterans Association
  7. 1932 Army Special Large Maneuvers Osaka Prefecture Commemorative Cufflinks/陸軍特別大演習大阪府記念カフスボタン

    陸軍特別大演習記念 - Army Special Large Maneuvers Commemorative 昭和七年 - November 1932 大阪府 - Osaka Prefecture
  8. 1932 Army Special Large Maneuvers Imperial Visit Guard Commemorative Cufflinks/陸軍特別大演習行幸警衛記念カフスボタン

    1st design. 陸軍特別大演習 - Army Special Large Maneuvers 行幸警衛記念 - Imperial Visit Guard Commemorative 昭和七年十一月 - November 1932 大阪府 - Osaka Prefecture Marked K18銀 = Made in Silver 18K Gilded S.B.D. for Shobido Workshop Original case. 陸軍特別大演習 - Army Special Large Maneuvers 行幸警衛記念 -...
  9. Warrant Officer Group Cufflinks/准下士團カフスボタン

    中23 准下士團 - Warrant Officer Group
  10. Narashino Army School Commissioned Officer Cufflinks/陸軍習志野学校将校カフスボタン

    陸軍習志野学校将校- Narashino Army School Officer Commissioned Officer + makers mark. Narashino Army School was a chemical warfare school. It was established at Narashino, Chiba prefecture, in 1933, under the auspices of the Inspector General of Military Education, and served as the principal...
  11. Imperial Military Reservist Association Cufflinks/帝国在郷軍人會カフスボタン

    Cufflinks in the form of the Imperial Military Reservist Association membership badge.
  12. 10th Infantry Regiment Cufflinks/歩兵第十聯隊カフスボタン

    歩十 for 歩兵第十聯隊 - 10th Infantry Regiment Marked 純銀 - pure silver.
  13. Cavalry Regiment Gift Cufflinks/騎馬兵連隊贈カフスボタン

    贈 - Gift 騎馬兵連隊 - Cavalry Regiment