Membership Badges of Inpaku Kaiji Danwakai (Symposium on Impact of Accidents at Sea)/因伯海事談話会会員章

Regular Member Badge.

1st variation.


因伯 - Inpaku (twisted transliteration of english Impact)

海事 - Accidents at Sea

談話會 - Colloquium; Symposium

正員章 - Regular Member Badge
Cased badge with membership card.


Card was issued on July 13, 1909.

因伯海事談話會 - Inpaku Kaiji Danwakai

通常會員證 - Regular [normal] Member Document [certificate]

矢成嘉浩 殿 - Mr. Yasei Yoshihiro


Badge was made by Hanaoka Shōten /花岡商店/ in Tottori City /鳥取市/.

2nd variation.

Different stamp.
Photos courtesy of the owner.

因伯海事談 話會員止章.jpg
Badges in cases for Lifetime Membeship (but of the same design and with the same reverse inscriptions).

3rd variation.

Stamp differences.

Symposium on Impact of  Accidents at Sea.jpg
Symposium on Impact of Accidents  at Sea.jpg


因伯海事談話會正員章 - Inpaku Kaiji Danwakai Regular Member Badge.

Badge case was originally intendent for the lifetime member.

因伯海事談話 - Inpaku Kaiji Danwa

終身會員 - Lifetime Membeship

徽章 - Badge

Symposium on Impact of Accidents at  Sea.jpg
Badge of 1st variation inside the case for lifetime member.

因伯海事談話会 終身会員 徽章.jpg
因伯海事談話会 終身会員徽章.jpg

Case (note that this time it has additional inscription - workshop name, unfortunately unreadable).

因伯海事談話会  終身会員徽章.jpg
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