Badges and Watch Fobs of Changkufeng Incident (Battle of Lake Khasan)/張鼓峰事件章

The Battle of Lake Khasan (29 July – 11 August 1938), also known as the Changkufeng Incident (Russian: Хасанские бои, Chinese and Japanese: 張鼓峰事件; Chinese pinyin: Zhānggǔfēng Shìjiàn; Japanese romaji: Chōkohō Jiken) in China and Japan, was an attempted military incursion by Manchukuo, a Japanese puppet state, into the territory claimed and controlled by the Soviet Union. That incursion was founded in the Japanese belief that the Soviet Union had misinterpreted the demarcation of the boundary based on the Treaty of Peking between Imperial Russia and Qing China and the subsequent supplementary agreements on demarcation and tampered with the demarcation markers. Japanese forces occupied the disputed area but withdrew after heavy fighting.​

Size 35× 35 mm.
Weight 19.3 g.

山兵砲等二十五聯隊.jpg 山兵砲等二十五聯隊2.jpg


張鼓峰事件戦捷記念 - Changkufeng Incident Сommemorative

山兵砲等二十五聯隊 - 25th Regiment of Mountain Artillery

昭和十三年ハ月十二日 - August 12, 1938

"On July 29-31, 1938 the 75th infantry regiment of the 19th infantry division of the japanese armey supported by border guards, the 25th mountain artillery and 19th engineer regiments drived out the soviet border guards and two reinforced battalions of the 118th and 119th infantry regiments regiments of the 40th Infantry Division of the 1st (Primorskaya) Army of the Far Eastern Red Banner Front, occupied the Zaozernaya, Bezymyannaya and Machine-Gun Hill heights located on the Soviet-Manchurian border, in the most remote part of the Posyetsky District, behind which lay Lake Khasan ..."​

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Another specimen.

昭和13年 山砲兵第二十五聯隊張鼓峰事件記念章.jpg
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張鼓峰事件戦捷記念 - Changkufeng Incident Commemorative

歩兵等七十五聯隊 - 75th Infantry Regiment

昭和十三年七月三十一日 - July 31, 1938

"By 6:00 on August 1, after a stubborn battle, the enemy still managed to push back our units and occupy the Zaozernaya height. At the same time, the advancing 1st battalion of the enemy's 75th infantry regiment lost 24 killed and 100 wounded; the losses of the 2nd battalion were even greater. The Japanese fired hurricane artillery fire across the entire area from Nagornaya to Novoselka, Zarechye and further north. By 22:00, they managed to expand their success and capture the tactically important Bezymiannaya, Machine-gun, 64.8, 86.8 and 68.8 heights. The enemy advanced 4 km into the depths of Soviet soil."

Details of obverse.

正勇山 - Seiyūzan mountain

ハサン湖 - Lake Khasan

??? ????.jpg сопка Заозёрная.jpg

一死報國 - dying for one's country

Rare watch fob from personal collection.

Size 33.44 mm.
Weight 16 g.

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一死報國 - Dying for One's Country



張鼓峰事件戦捷記念 - Changkufeng Incident Commemorative


- Meritorious Deed, Merit

13.7.31. = July 31, 1938


工兵第十九聯隊 - 19th Engineer Regiment


Excerpts from Russian state military archive.

"On July 19 the 19th engineer regiment which was transferred simultaneously with the units of the 75th infantry regiment offloaded with all the ferry equipment at the station Khony .

In the period from 19 to 29 July units of the 19th engineer and 75th regiment intensively prepared positions for the initial offensive to the heights Zaozernaya in the area of Chernaya, Bogomolnaya heights and on the western slopes of the Bezymyannaya and Zaozernaya heights, work was carried out day and night.

For unloading and transporting building materials from the station Khony to the Tyumen-Ula River at the disposal of the commander of the 19th engineering regiment Colonel Kobayashi 260 people were allocated from the 1st battalion of the 75th regiment led by Captain Sakata who built a floating bridge at the northern extremity of the Big Island between 19-20.07 across the river Tyumen-Ula.

The order for the 1st battalion required a night attack by dawn on 31.07 to seize the Zaozernaya height and gain a foothold on it. To provide engineering work for securing at the Zaozernaya hill a company of the 19th engineering regiment of the 19th division was attached to the 1st battalion."​
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記念 - Commemorative


張鼓峰事 - Changkufeng

従軍 - Campaign

昭和十三年 - 1938

歩七六國守 - 76th Infantry [Regiment] Country Defense


純銀 - pure silver.

Another example.

76th infantry  Regiment   Changkufeng Incident (Battle of Lake Khasan) Watch Fob.jpg
76th infantry   Regiment   Changkufeng Incident (Battle of Lake Khasan) Watch Fob.jpg
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