youth league badges

  1. Osaka City Horie Youth League Award Badge/昭和十四年大阪市堀江青年團表彰章

    Obverse 表彰 - Award reverse 昭和十四年 - 1939 (十四 engraved) 大阪市堀江青年團 - Osaka City Horie Youth League
  2. Miyakojima Ward Youth League Award Badge/都島青年團表彰章

    Obverse 表彰 - Award revesrse 都島青年團 - Miyakojima [Ward] Youth League
  3. Osaka Central Market Youth League Award Badge/大阪中央市場青果青年團表彰章

    Obverse 表彰 - Commendation reverse 大阪中央市場 - Osaka Central Market 青果青年團章 - Fruit and Vegetable Youth League
  4. Osaka City Youth Training Center Badge/大阪市北三会青年訓練所徽章

    Obverse 北三- Kita 青年 Youth 北三會 - Kita Sankai 章 - Badge Reverse marked 銀 - Silver.
  5. Kaho District Youth League Badge/嘉穂郡青年団章

    Reverse 嘉穂郡 - Kaho District (Fukuoka) 青年団 - Youth group Original case.
  6. Youth League Air Defense Maneuvers Badges/防空演習青年団章
  7. 1937 Hanshin Air Defense Maneuvers Tanabe Youth Group Badge/阪神防空演習 田辺青年団章

    Obverse 防空 - Air Defense reverse 昭和十二年度 - 1937 阪神防空演習 - Hanshin Air Defense Maneuvers 田辺青年団 - Tanabe Youth Group See also badge with similar design of obverse...
  8. 1940 Tokyo City Youth League Merit Badge/皇紀二千六百年十一月 東京市聨合青年団 功労章

    皇紀二千六百年十一月 - December 1940 功労章 - Merit badge 東京市聨合青年団 - Tokyo City Youth League Another (this time in pure silver) badge of similar design from Tokyo branch of the League. March of 19??
  9. Osaka City Youth League Commendation Badge/大阪市聨合青年團表彰章

    1st variation (metal). Reverse 表彰 - Commendation 大阪市青年團 - Osaka City Youth League
  10. Membership Badges of Youth League/青年団員章

    1st variation. Reverse reads 青年團員章 - Youth League Membership Badge 大日本聨合青年團 - Dai Nippon Rengo Seinendan Original paper wrapper. Badge with replaced pin. Size 16.9 mm. 2nd variation. Reverse 青年團 - Youth League 團員章 - League Membership Badge
  11. History, Uniform and Insignia of Youth League/青年団の歴史

    青年団 - Seinen-dan where 青年 - youth 団 /traditional form 團/ - league; association; union; group. Short history of this organization. Among the many semi-governmental institutions that Japanese bureaucrats supervised in the pre–World War...