youth corps badges

  1. 1935 Okayama Prefecture Youth School Enactment Merit Badge/岡山県青年学校実施記念功勞章

    Obverse 功勞 - Merit reverse 青年学校實施 - Youth School Enactment 記念 - Commemorative 岡山縣 - Okayama Prefecture 昭和十年七月一日 - July 1, 1935
  2. Enami Youth League Badges/榎並青年團章

    Obverses Smaller badge 精勤 -Diligence; Good Attendance Larger badge 表彰 - Award reverse 榎並青年團 - Enami Youth League 第一分團 - 1st Branch
  3. Miyakojima Ward Youth League Award Badge/都島青年團表彰章

    Obverse 表彰 - Award revesrse 都島青年團 - Miyakojima [Ward] Youth League
  4. Osaka City Youth Training Center Badge/大阪市北三会青年訓練所徽章

    Obverse 北三- Kita 青年 Youth 北三會 - Kita Sankai 章 - Badge Reverse marked 銀 - Silver.
  5. 1936 Hanshin Air Defense Maneuvers Tamade Youth League Participation Commemorative Badge/玉出青年團 阪神防空演習記念 参加章

    Obverse 防空 - Air Defense 参加章 - Participation Badge reverse 昭和十一年度 - 1936 阪神防空演習記念 - Hanshin Air Defense Maneuvers Commemorative 玉出青年團 - Tamade Youth League (about Youth League see
  6. Ampachi District Youth League Membership Badge/安八郡青年団員章

    Unidentifiable without original case. Only stylized 青 Original case. 安八郡 - Ampachi District,_Gifu 青年団員章 - Youth League Membership Badge
  7. Osaka Prefecture Youth League Merit Badge/大阪府聯合青年團功勞章

    See also badge made by the same workshop with a similar design Obverse 功勞章 - Merit badge Reverse 大阪府 - Osaka prefecture 聯合青年團 - Youth League Marked SBD (for Shobido workshop, Osaka...
  8. Officer's Badges of Youth League/青年団長章

    部長 - Head (chief, director, leader) of a section or department 支部長 - Branch Chief 團長 - Group Chief Original case. 副分團長 - Deputy Chief 幹事 - Executive Secretary
  9. Membership Badges of Youth League/青年団員章

    1st variation. Reverse reads 青年團員章 - Youth League Membership Badge 大日本聨合青年團 - Dai Nippon Rengo Seinendan Original paper wrapper. Badge with replaced pin. Size 16.9 mm. 2nd variation. Reverse 青年團 - Youth League 團員章 - League Membership Badge