verleihungsetui für ausländer

  1. 5th class Rising Sun order awarded to German Engineer G.A. Greeven in 1878

    Rare early awarding of foreigner. Almost certainly Hirata-made badge. Photos courtesy of the owner. Details.
  2. 1st class Sacred Treasure Order awarded in 1898 to Count of Castelo de Paiva

    Exemplary early 1st class set. Note the color of the sash.
  3. 4th class Sacred Treasure of Generalleutnant Georg Heer

    Interesting specimen that was awarded in 1899 to Generalleutnant Georg Heer. Set from the collection of Matthias Vollmer勲章_kunsho/Sacred_Treasure.html Naturally in the case for foreigners. Close-ups. Original document issued on August 21, 1898. Lieutenant...
  4. Orders of the Rising Sun in Cases for Foreigners

    1st class.
  5. Orders of the Paulownia Flowers in cases for Foreigners and Royals

  6. Grand Cordons of the Order of the Chrysanthemum in cases for foreigners

    Nice set (circa first quater of XX centure) in the case for foreigners :wink3: Badge
  7. Orders of the Sacred Treasure in Cases for Foreigners

    A couple of items from personal collection. 1st class set.