шитая звезда ордена александра невского

  1. Embroidered breast stars of Saint Alexander Nevsky order from the late 18th century - 1820s time period

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/officially-issued-kapitul-embroidered-breast-stars-of-saint-alexander-nevsky-order-from-1820s-1855-time-period.27944/ Line drawing of St. Alexander Nevsky order breast star from the "Regulation on Russian Imperial Orders, St. Petersburg...
  2. Saint Alexander Nevsky and Saint Vladimir orders embroidered breast stars of General František Josef Jindřich Count Šlik

    Classical officially issued so-called "kapitul" embroidered breast star (see https://asiamedals.info/threads/orders-of-st-alexander-nevsky-made-by-keibel-kammerer-kk.23595/#post-348711) Collection of Military History Institute, Prague.
  3. Officially issued "Kapitul" embroidered breast stars of Saint Alexander Nevsky order from the 1820s-1855 time period

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/embroidered-breast-stars-of-saint-alexander-nevsky-order-from-the-late-18th-century-1820s-time-period.27943/ Converted embroidered breast stars of the order of St Alexander Nevsky...