sacred treasure order certificate

  1. 3rd class Sacred Treasure order document issued in 1915 to future Rear Admiral Kōtarō Takemura

    Takemura Kotaro /武村耕太郎/ (1879-1948). 1901.4/26 Junior Engineer Candidate 02.1/18 Junior Engineer 03.9/26 Middle Engineer 05.1/12 Chief Engineer/24-08.8/6 Stationed in England 06.1/26 Captain 09.1/9 Ship Management Headquarters 4th Staff Member 2/1 Ship Management Headquarters Instructor, Naval...
  2. 1st class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1964

    Exemplary full set from mid-1960s. Badge. Breast star. Details. Sash rosette. Miniature button rosette.
  3. 2nd class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1942 to Colonel Yoshida Shigehiko

    Posthumous awarding. Classical war-time 2nd class breast star. Unmarked. Original case with silver kanji. Post war document (issued around late 1960s). Dated on February 16, 1942 to 吉田 茂彦 - Yoshida Shigehiko.
  4. 1st class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1971 to German Diplomat Paul Frank

    Full set from collection of Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin. About cavalier Original document with official translation. Issued on September 21, 1971. It was 8655th Sacred Treasure order issued to foreigner.
  5. Award Documents of Vice-Admiral Iwao Hiraoka

    Vice-Admiral Hiraoka, Iwao / 平岡巌 海軍中将/ (March 10, 1886 - March 28, 1965) graduated from of Naval Engineer Academy (class 17th). He was promoted to vice-admiral on November 15, 1938. 2nd class Rising Sun order. Awarded on April 29, 1940 (standard date for the China Incident awards).