photo of japanese officer

  1. General Heisuke Yanagawa/柳川平助 陸軍大将

    Rare cavalier of 3rd class Serbian order of the White Eagle with swords and Chinese order of Striped Tiger. Heisuke Yanagawa /柳川 平助, October 2, 1879 – January 22, 1945/ was born in what is now part of Nagasaki city, Nagasaki prefecture, Yanagawa was raised in Ōita Prefecture by his adoptive...
  2. Japanese Officers of the 7th Guards Infantry Regiment

  3. Lieutenant General Aketo Nakamura/中村明人陸軍中将

    Aketo Nakamura (中村 明人, Nakamura Aketo, 11 April 1889 – 12 September 1966). Promotions 1933-08-01 Colonel 1937-08-02 Major-General 1939-10-02 Lieutenant-General Service 1929-08-XX – 1930-08-01 Attached to 3rd Imperial Guards Regiment 1930-08-01 – 1932-06-09 Senior...
  4. Japanese Army Pilot Badge in Photos

  5. Lieutenant General Sadakoto Hisamatsu/久松定謨 陸軍中将

    Count Sadakoto Hisamatsu /Japanese: 久松定謨 October 6, 1867 - February 19, 1943/ was a Japanese army officer and the head of the Hisamatsu family. He served as the commander of the 1st Infantry Brigade and the 5th Infantry Brigade. French Legion of Honour, Imperial Russian 3rd class St.Anna for...
  6. Rear Admiral Yamamoto Shinjirou/山本信次郎 海軍少将

    An impressive variety of awards.
  7. Japanese Military Personnel with Imperial Korean Orders and Medals
  8. Prince Arisugawa Takehito/有栖川宮威仁親王

    With Grand Cross of the Order of the Black Eagle /Hoher Orden vom Schwarzen Adler/, Red Eagle Order /Roter Adlerorden/ and Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medal. Prince Arisugawa Takehito /有栖川宮威仁親王 - Arisugawa-no-miya Takehito-Shinnō/ (January 13, 1862 – July 5, 1913) was born in Kyoto as...
  9. General Kodama Gentarō/兒玉 源太郎 陸軍大将

    General Kodama Gentarō /兒玉 源太郎/ (16 March 1852 – 23 July 1906) had interesting set of foreign orders: Russian Order of Saint Stanislaus (1st class version for non-christians awarded on September 12, 1892), commander of the Legion d'Honneur (awarded on October 14, 1895), Knight 1st Class of the...
  10. Multi-row Japanese Medal Bars

    Unknown colonel (see also Amazing set of two medal bars with Nomonhan Incident. Note that upper medal hanger is a very rare early type.
  11. Photos with Russo-Japanese War Relief Commemorative Medal of Japanese Red Cross Society

    Medals Actual veterans of Russo-Japanese War were among cavaliers of this commemorative medal. Rare photos of R-J war veteran wearing medal with 1st type of suspension.
  12. Lieutenant-General Masaomi Yasuoka/安岡正臣 陸軍中将

    Yasuoka, Masaomi /安岡正臣/やすおか まさおみ * 21st of July 1886 † 12th of April 1948 Promotions 1930-08-01 Colonel 1935-03-15 Major-General 1938-03-01 Lieutenant-General Service 1930-08-01 – 1932-01-09 Commanding Officer 49th Infantry Regiment 1932-01-09 – 1935-03-15 Chief of...
  13. Admiral Koshirō Oikawa/及川古志郎 海軍大将

    Koshirō Oikawa/及川 古志郎 (16 February 1883 – May 9, 1958) was born into a wealthy family in rural Koshi County, Niigata Prefecture, but was raised in Morioka city, Iwate prefecture in northern Japan. He was a graduate of the 31st class of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy, ranking 76th out of...
  14. Lieutenant-General Kōtoku Satō/佐藤幸徳 陸軍中将

    Satō, Kōtoku (佐藤幸徳/さとう こうとく) * 5th of March 1893 - † 26th of February 1959 Promotions 1932-12-XX Lieutenant-Colonel 1937-08-02 Colonel 1939-08-01 Major-General 1942-12-01 Lieutenant-General Service 1932-12-XX – 1934-08-02 Attached to 11th Infantry Regiment 1934-08-02...
  15. Lieutenant General Yusuke Takada/高田友助 陸軍中将

  16. Unidentified Cavaliers of Golden Kite Order

    Lieutenant General with 2nd class Golden Kite Order breast star.
  17. Lieutenant-General Hiroshi Nemoto/根本博 陸軍中将

    Lieutenant-General Nemoto, Hiroshi (6th of June 1891 - † 24th of May 1966) Promotions 1934-08-01 Colonel 1938-07-15 Major-General 00.08.32-05.03.34: Attached to the General Staff Service 1934-03-05 – 1936-03-07 Chief of Press Office, Ministry of War 1936-03-07 –...
  18. Photos with Japanese Commanding Officer's Badges

    Major-General Harukazu Tamika with Shoukan badge. Close-up.
  19. General Kanaya Hanzō/金谷 範三 陸軍大将 Chinese Golden Grain + Bulgarian Order of Saint Alexander.
  20. General Atsushi Kaba/蒲穆 陸軍中将 Later.