order of the sacred treasure award certificate

  1. 1st class Sacred Treasure order document issued in 1942 to Lieutenant-General Shihachi Katamura

    Size 59.5 x 42 cm. ' Issued on March 10, 1942 to Shihachi Katamura /片村四八/. Sacred Treasure order document No. 316 551.
  2. 3rd class Sacred Treasure order awarded in 1894 to Colonel a la Suite and Commander of the 3rd Cavalry Brigade No. 32 Georg Freiherr von Ende

    Very rare document issued on September 11, 1894 /First Sino-japanese War/. Sacred Treasure order No. 398 issued to a foreigner.
  3. 1st class Sacred Treasure Order awarded in 1898 to Count of Castelo de Paiva

    Exemplary early 1st class set. Note the color of the sash.