order of sacred treasure

  1. Comparative analysis of three Sacred Treasure Orders with mark ナ

    Three sacred treasures with mark ナ.
  2. 2nd class Order of Sacred Treasure awarded in 1940

    Exemplarity late (still signed by the Emperor Hirohito, after December 28, 1940 only 1st class documents will be signed by Emperor) for the 2nd class Sacred Treasure order. Issued on January 15, 1940 to 平岡儼 - Hitoshi Hiraoka. Watermarks.
  3. Orders of Sacred Treasure with mark 美 /made by Shobido workshop/

    About Shobido workshop https://asiamedals.info/threads/mark-on-japanese-orders-who-and-when.25816/ 1st class full set. Breast star. Original case.
  4. Early 6th class order of Sacred Treasure without inscription on reverse

    Early Japanese-made specimen from approximately 1890s. No visible signs of kanji "Order of Merit" removal. At least judging from these photos.
  5. Comparative analysis of 8th class Orders of Sacred Treasure with mark 美

    Two 8th class orders made by Shobido workshop. Both marked with 美. https://asiamedals.info/threads/mark-on-japanese-orders-who-and-when.25816/
  6. 2nd class Sacred Treasure order document issued to Major-General Hakata Machiyama in 1939

    Issued on December 14, 1939 to Major-General Hakata Machiyama /町山博多/. Promotions 1933-08-01 Army Veterinarian 1st Class 1937-02-15 Colonel 1937-08-02 Major-General Service 1932-04-11 – 1935-08-01 Chief of Veterinary Section, 10th Division 1935-08-01 – 1937-08-02...
  7. 3rd class Sacred Treasure Order marked M issued on January 14, 1938

    Badge. Case. Rosette.
  8. European-made Orders of Sacred Treasures marked with * (a.k.a. "star"/"snowflake" mark)

    Not your usual sacred treasure breast star. Size 94 mm (!) The typical japanese-made brest star has diameter around 75 mm. Obviously this is european work. But which country is responsible?
  9. French-Made Orders of the Sacred Treasure

    See also related thread abouth french-made Rising Suns https://asiamedals.info/threads/french-made-orders-of-the-rising-sun.13454/ Once again table Décorations de Guerre from 1922.