japanese golden kite order

  1. 6th class Golden Kite order awarded in 1940

    Awarded in April 29, 1940 (China Incident). Golden Kite No. 287 434. Most likely posthumously awarding (see for comparison https://asiamedals.info/threads/6th-class-golden-kite-and-7th-class-rising-sun-orders-awarded-in-1940-to-sergeant-major-soshichi-sagisaka.26113/). Case has golden kanji...
  2. Modern Replicas of Golden Kite Order Cases

    1st class case.
  3. Japanese Orders and Medals in Paper Wrappings

    During first quarter of XIX century at least two Japanese private medal workshops used paper wrappings: Hirata workshop and Namikawa workshop. "Made by mint" paper wraps first appeared somewhere around 1929. You will find them inside the cases for 1928 Showa Enthronement Medals. 1930...