japanese door plaques

  1. Japanese Postal Round Cap Badges/郵便局帽プレート

    Obverse Symbol 〒 https://asiamedals.info/threads/symbol-of-japanese-post-yubin-maku-and-its-history.24108/
  2. Door Plaques of Greater Japan Women's Patriotic Association/愛国婦人会表札

    愛國婦人會 - Greater Japan Women's Patriotic Association 通常會員 - Regular Member of Association
  3. Door Plaques of Friends of the Military Association/軍友会表札

    Enameled metal. 軍友會々員 - Friends of the Military Association Member
  4. Door Plaques "House of the Soldier at the Front"/出征軍人の家表札

    出征軍人の家 - House of the Soldier at the Front (lit. 出征 - to go into battle/to campaign) The very same door plaque from the advertising postcard of Nichibei Kishō Shōkai https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-in-the-advertising-postcards-of-nichibei-kisho-shoka.19322/