japanese award document

  1. General Naosuke Matsuki Medals and Orders Award Documents

    About Naosuke Matsuki https://asiamedals.info/threads/general-naosuke-matsuki.24034/ 5th class Golden Kite order awarded on April 1, 1906 to Captain Naosuke Matsuki. Size 58.5 x 45 cm.
  2. 6th class Rising Sun order document issued in 1878 to Infantry Second Lieutenant

    Exemplary early Meiji era 6th class document with the image of first type "hingeless" order. Awarded on August 28, 1878 to army infantry second lieutenant Ten'yū Katsuji /田勝二天祐/. Rising Sun order No. 1021. Details. Seals. Watermark.
  3. 2nd class Sacred Treasure order document issued in 1936 to Kyoto university professor Tetsutaro Inoue

    Size 597 x 457 mm. Awarded on December 7, 1936 Tetsutaro Inoue /井上銕太郎/. Sacred Treasure order No. 920 943.
  4. Youth League Documents and Diplomas

    三箇年科目 證明- Three-year Course Certificate issued on 昭和七年九月卅日 - September 30, 1932 Signed by 大日本聯合青年團理事長後藤突 - Chairman of Dainippon Federation of Youth Groups Goto Tsutsui
  5. 1st class Rising Sun order posthumously awarded to Lieutenant-General Tomosaburō Shimada in 1973

    Interesting and rare post-war award. Lieutenant-General Shimada, Tomosaburō /島田朋三郎/ (12th of March 1882; 4th of September 1945). Promotions 1942-04-01 Major-General 1944-03-01 Lieutenant-General Service 1938-07-15 – 1939-09-12 Judge Advocate General, 4th Army 1939-09-12...
  6. 1st class Sacred Treasure order document issued in 1975 to Arai Seiichirō

    Size 23.25 x 16.5 cm. Issued on November 3, 1975 to Arai Seiichirō /荒井誠一郎/. Emperor Hirohito signature. Document No. 1 892 461 Case.
  7. 6th Class Golden Kite and 7th class Rising Sun orders awarded in 1940 to Sergeant Major Soshichi Sagisaka

    Non-posthumous lifetime China Incident awarding. Both orders and China Incident medal issued on the same date (April 29, 1940) to Army Sergeant Major Soshichi Sagisaka /鷺坂宗七/. 6th class Golden Kite order.
  8. 5th class Golden Kite Document issued to Army Infantry Lieutenant Noriichi Gotō in 1905 for the Battle of Mukden

    Issued on March 9, 1905. 陸軍步兵中尉 - Army Infantry Lieutenant 後藤矩 - Noriichi Gotō Emperor Meiji signature.
  9. Award Documents of Vice-Admiral Iwao Hiraoka

    Vice-Admiral Hiraoka, Iwao / 平岡巌 海軍中将/ (March 10, 1886 - March 28, 1965) graduated from of Naval Engineer Academy (class 17th). He was promoted to vice-admiral on November 15, 1938. 2nd class Rising Sun order. Awarded on April 29, 1940 (standard date for the China Incident awards).
  10. Imperial Soldiers' Relief Association Documents

    1st type (identical to the document of Soldier’s Bereaved Families Relief Association https://asiamedals.info/threads/soldiers-bereaved-families-relief-association-documents.25132/) Document of the supporting member issued on May 5, 1908. Full translation. 帝國軍人後援會會員證 - Imperial Soldier’s...
  11. Soldier’s Bereaved Families Relief Association Documents

    Document for the Life Time Member /終身會/ No. 4 435 issued to the resident of Tamatsu Village (Hyogo Prefecture) on May 14, 1902. Details.