imperial russia fake orders

  1. Fake Orders of the White Eagle for Non-Christians

    Fake breast star. Unmarked.
  2. Fake St.George Orders for Non-Christians

    2nd class completely faked "full set". Badge allegedly in gold. Breast star allegedly in gilded silver. Que? Case.
  3. Fake Orders of St. Andrew with Diamonds

    These are usually sold as "privately ordered pieces", "unknown european workshop", etc. Sometimes with the warning: "because the opinions of “experts” can vary greatly with regards to authorship, period, culture, source or origin, we encourage prospective buyers to carefully inspect or have...
  4. Fake Orders of the White Eagle

    Typical fake marks.
  5. Fakes and Replicas of St. Alexander Nevsky Order

    Gold, enamel. Size 54 mm. Weight 33.5 g. Medallions. Marks. Crown.