akiba workshop

  1. 4th Flight Reserve Trainee A-Class Yokaren Program Graduation Commemorative Watch Fob/皇紀2600年甲種第四期飛行予科練習生卒業記念章

    Height 50 mm. Weight 23 g. Obverse 甲豫四 - 4th class [flight reserve trainee] of A-Class [program] reserve 甲種第四期 - A-Class [Flight Reserve Trainee] 4th class 飛行豫科練習生 - Flight Reserve Trainee Program (飛行予科練習生/Hikō Yoka Renshū-sei) a.k.a. Yokaren (予科練) 卒業記念- Graduation Commemorative In...
  2. Manufacturers of Japanese Army Proficiency Badges

    Army Marksmanship Badge manufacturers. Munitions Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Tokyo Original case for the 2nd class badge. 軍需品製造株式會社 - Munitions Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 東京 - Tokyo
  3. Infantry Rapid-firing Gun Shooting Badges/歩兵砲速射砲射撃徽章

    Introduced in November 17, 1939 in two variants: badge for the NCOs and badge for the privates. NCOs badge/下士官徽章 Original description. Soldier's badge/兵徽章 Both badges have several variations. NCO badge. Early variation in base metal.
  4. 1930 National Youth League Delegate Highest Inspection Commemorative Badge/昭和五年十一月三日全国青年団代表御親閲記念章

    Obverse 御視閲記念 - Highest Inspection Commemorative Reverse 昭和五年十一月三日 - November 3, 1930 全国青年団代表 - National Youth League Representative/Delegate 御親閲記念章 - Highest Inspection Commemorative Badge Original case. 御親閲記念章 - Highest Inspection Commemorative Badge Another specimen. Bow most...
  5. Merit Badges from Tokyo Self-Government Appreciation Conferences/東京市 功勞自治感謝之會章

    See also https://asiamedals.info/threads/8th-tokyo-city-town-council-officer-award-commemorative-badge-1942.25240/ 1934. Obverse 自治 - Self-Government Reverse 第二回功勞自治感謝之會 - 2ndSelf-Government Appreciation of Meritorious Service Conference 東京市 - Tokyo City Original case...
  6. Badges and watch fobs made by Akiba Medals, Tokyo/アキバ徽章

    One of the oldest tokyo badge manufacturers is still active today http://www.akibakisyo.co.jp/ https://asiamedals.info/threads/1934-navy-emergency-large-maneuvers-participation-commemorative-watch-fob.24862/
  7. Merit Badge of Japan Motor Boat Racing Association/全国モーターボート競走会連合会功労賞章

    Reverse reads 全国モーターボート競走会連合会 - National Federation of Motor Boat Racing Association http://mbkyosokai.jp/ 功労賞 - Merit Award Case. 顕功章 - Merit Badge Made by Tokyo workshop Akiba Medal https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-of-akiba-medal-tokyo-akiba.21820/ Miniature. In pure silver.