6th class golden kite order awarded in 1940

  1. 6th class Golden Kite order awarded in 1940

    Awarded in April 29, 1940 (China Incident). Golden Kite No. 287 434. Most likely posthumously awarding (see for comparison https://asiamedals.info/threads/6th-class-golden-kite-and-7th-class-rising-sun-orders-awarded-in-1940-to-sergeant-major-soshichi-sagisaka.26113/). Case has golden kanji...
  2. 6th Class Golden Kite and 7th class Rising Sun orders awarded in 1940 to Sergeant Major Soshichi Sagisaka

    Non-posthumous lifetime China Incident awarding. Both orders and China Incident medal issued on the same date (April 29, 1940) to Army Sergeant Major Soshichi Sagisaka /鷺坂宗七/. 6th class Golden Kite order.