Yokosuka Naval Air Technical Arsenal Award Watch Fob/海軍航空廠体育會 優勝記念賞章

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優勝記念 - Victory Commemoration

海軍航空廠体育會 - Yokosuka Naval Air Technical Arsenal Sport Club /Kaigun Kōkū Gijutsu-shō, lit. Naval Air Technical Arsenal had many names, each depending on the period of its existence, and the circumstances at that time. Many of the names were acronyms that were derived from its military name or designation, which changed from time to time. The arsenal was sometimes known as "Kūgi-shō" (空技廠, a contraction of "Kōkū Gijutsu-shō" 航空技術廠). The name Yokosuka prevailed however, even though it referred to the Arsenal's location at Yokosuka, Japan. During World War II, the arsenal was responsible for the design of several IJN aircraft, although the arsenal itself did not manufacture more than a few prototypes of the aircraft it designed. Its designs were mass-produced by companies such as Aichi Kokuki, Watanabe Tekkōjo steel foundry, (renamed in 1943 to Kyūshū Hikōki Kabushiki-kaisha (九州飛行機株式会社, Kyushu Aircraft Company Ltd, a.k.a. Kyushu Armaments) ), and the Hiro Naval Arsenal (Hiro Kaigun Kōshō, which is often abbreviated as Hirosho)/.​

紀元2596年 - 1936

Original case.

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