Whereabouts of Orders of Victory

Very interesting reference note from the head of the Department of Awards of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union R.A. Eldarova about the locations of all 22 Orders of Victory that was created in May 1985.

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Сurrent location of orders of Victory.

Orders awarded to Soviet citizens.

Nine orders are in the collection of Kremlin Museums: Stalin (two orders), Meretskov, Konev, Timoshenko, Govorov, Antonov, Rokossovsky, Tolbukhin and Brezhnev.

Five orders are in the Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: Zhukov (two orders), Vasilevsky (two orders) and Malinovsky.

Two orders are in the museum of the Gokhran of Russia: the one that belonged to Timoshenko is in the storage and another (unissued one) is in the Diamond Fund.

One order (unissued) is in the Hermitage collection.

Orders awarded to foreign citizens.

The orders awarded to Field Marshal Montgomery, General Eisenhower and Marshal Tito have been transferred to the museums of their countries:

- Eisenhower's order is in the collection of the 34th President's Memorial Library in his hometown of Abilene, Kansas.

- Field Marshal Montgomery's victory is on display at the Imperial War Museum in London.

- Order of Marshal Tito is stored in the Museum of the History of Yugoslavia in Belgrade, Serbia.

Order of Victory of the Polish marshal Rol-Zhymersky remained in the family.

King of Romania, Mihai I remained in the family.
But shouldn't the orders issued to foreign cavaliers be returned to USSR/Russia after their death?
No, they shouldn't.

Interesting original document from April 5, 1945.


Financial sector​

Write off 2 Orders "Victory" issued to General of the Army Eisenhower (No.4) and Field Marshal Montgomery (No.7).

N. Kozlov​


Спишите в расход 2 ордена "Победа" выданные генералу армии Эйзенхауэру (No.4) и фельдмаршалу Монтгомери (No.7).

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