Sunday Mainichi Cufflinks/サンデー毎日カフスボタン

Sunday Mainichi Cufflinks サンデー毎日カフスボタン.jpg

Sunday  Mainichi Cufflinks サンデー毎 日カフスボタン.jpg

サンデー毎日 - Sunday Mainichi/Sandē Mainichi is a Japanese weekly news magazine, published from 1922 to the present. Sunday Mainichi was started in April 1922 by the Osaka-based newspaper Ōsaka Mainichi Shinbun (大阪毎日新聞, since 1911 in a partnership with the Tokyo-based Tōkyō Nichi-nichi Shinbun [東京日日新聞]; the two would combine to form Mainichi Shinbun [毎日新聞] in 1943). From its start it presented news in text and pictures, as well as material (about university entrance and so forth) of interest to Japanese families, much like its rival Shūkan Asahi.​

Sunday  Mainichi Cufflinks サンデー毎日カフスボタン.jpg

Sunday Mainichi survived the war - although anglophobia forced a temporary change of title to Shūkan Mainichi (週刊毎日, i.e. the Mainichi Weekly) from February 1943 until December 1945 - and has continued to be published by Mainichi Shinbunsha (oddly, not on Sundays but Mondays) as a middlebrow news and general-interest magazine, primarily directed at a middle-aged market; cover design is almost always a photograph of a winsome girl with some tenuous claim to newsworthiness. It has outlasted both the Mainichi Graphic (毎日グラフ, Mainichi Gurafu; a news magazine much like the U.S. Life) and Camera Mainichi from the same publisher.​

Sunday  Mainichi  Cufflinks サンデー毎日カフスボタン.jpg

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純銀 -pure silver.

Sunday Mainichi  Cufflinks サンデー毎日カフスボタン.jpg
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