Medal Bar of Sergei Ivanovich Dometiev-Pavlov (Domentyev-Pavlov)

Наградная колодка Дометиева-Павлова (Доментьева-Павлова) Сергея Ивановича.jpg

1. Order of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in memory of the Great World War of 1914–1917 with swords. Bronze, gilt, enamel. Size 42 x39.9 mm.

2. Order of St. Anne, 3rd class, dark enamel. St. Petersburg, 1884–1898 Dimensions 42.1 x 38.3 mm. Marked with partly readable maker's mark "ДО/DO" for Dmitry Osipov workshop and St. Petersburg assay office gold hallmark "56+anchors".

3. Order of St. Stanislaus, 3rd class with "black" flat enamel. Gold, enamel. Size 44.8 x 43.4 mm. Marked with partly readable maker's mark "ДО/DO" for Dmitry Osipov workshop and St. Petersburg assay office gold hallmark "56+anchors".

4. Medal “For Zeal” with a portrait of Emperor Nicholas II on St. Stanislaus order ribbon. Silver. Size 28.3 mm. Marked with Moscow assay office silver hallmark in an oval shield "delta, female head in a kokoshnik, right, 84" and maker's mark “ДК/DK” for factory of Dmitry Kuchkin.

5. Medal “For efforts to successfully complete the general mobilization of 1914.” Golded bronze. Size 28.1 mm.

6. Medal in memory of the 25th anniversary of the parochial school. Silver. Size 28.4 mm.

7. Medal in memory of the 300th anniversary of the reign of the House of Romanov. Gilded bronze. Size 27.5 mm.

8. Silver medal with the image of St. Vladimir and St. Blessed Princess Olga, established by the Main Jubilee Vladimirov Committee in memory of the 950th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia. Silver. Size 29.9 mm.

Наградная  колодка Дометиева-Павлова (Доментьева-Павлова) Сергея Ивановича.jpg
Дометиев-Павлов (Доментьев-Павлов) Сергей Иванович.jpg

Sergei Ivanovich Dometiev-Pavlov (Domentyev-Pavlov) (Сергей Иванович Дометиев-Павлов (Доментьев-Павлов); 3.7.1892–15.12.1983, Athens, Greece). Graduated from theological school. He served as a teacher at the Nesvoevsky parish school. Participant in the First World War 1914–1918. On September 1, 1915, he entered the service of the Naval Department and was appointed a junior official of the Vladivostok port office. On September 22, 1915, he was promoted to collegiate registrar with seniority from October 1, 1914. Promoted to provincial secretaries. Appointed head of the office of the Vladivostok Marine Observatory. Participant of the Civil War as part of the White troops of the Eastern Front. From November 5, 1918 in the Siberian Flotilla. Member and secretary of the Missionary Council of the Vladivostok and Kamchatka diocese. In exile in China, church warden of St. Nicholas Church in Shanghai, erected in memory of the assassination of Emperor Nicholas II. In 1955 he moved to Greece (thanks to his wife’s Greek citizenship). Secretary of the Russian House in Athens (1956–1972). He had significant connections in the circles of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad and on Mount Athos. He was published in the magazine “Orthodox Rus'” under the pseudonym “Sergei Vyazemsky”. The burial place is unknown.​
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