Manchukuo International Student Association Building Competition Commemorative Medal/満洲國留日學生會館落成記念章

Diameter 61 mm.
Thickness 5 mm.
Weight 130 g.

満洲国留日字生会館落成記念章 -.jpg
満洲国留日字生会館落成記念章 --.jpg


満洲国留日字生会館落成記念 - Manchukuo International Student Association Building Competition /lit. Manchukuo Students Studing in Japan Association/

Association was established in June 1936.
Official aim and purpose of the organization was promoting

1 Physical education and training (athletics, baseball, basketball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, mountain climbing, etc.)
2 Lectures and round-table discussion.
3 Study group on music, movies, theater, poetry, speech, etc.
4 Student mutual aid.
5 Social tours (visits to "social facilities" such as manufacturing companies with efforts to disseminate practical knowledge).

康德五年一月 - January 1938

Actual building.

康德五年一月 - January 1938.jpg
Cased specimen in mint condition.

記念 - Commemorative

Manchukuo International Student Association  Commemorative Medal.jpg


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